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  • Gerda defends her dojo from the rivals

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(Scene 1)

Gerda is a student at the local dojo. One day she comes into the dojo to train, but she faces two men blocking her way to the dojo, telling her that now they are the masters and girls are not allowed to enter the dojo because they are not worthy. Karate is only for men as they are the superior sex, they say.

Gerda: Is that sow? You think that men are superior to women? (She laughs) - You are so wrong… you learnt that men are the superior sex… but the truth is that the superior sex was always women.

Guys laughs at her and push her in order to get her out. But they didn’t expect that this wont be easy… Gerda is fight back and resist to move. Then the first guy tries to hit her, but she avoids the kick and with a kick she sends him to the wall. The other guy try to hit her also but she avoid his kick too and with a reverse kick in the back she sends him to the ground. The guy tries to get up but Gerda puts her foot on his back and dont let him get up. Then she steps on him and move to the other guy who has been at the wall (from the first kick). He tries to kick her again, but she avoids the kicks and manages to kick him instead some times. Then she removes her shoes. After 3-4 kicks he is on the ground on his back. Gerda climbs on his chest with both foot.

Gerda: (laughing) Oh my god. It has been only 2 minutes we are fighting and you already be under my foot… You are so pathetic.

She climbs down and helps him get on his knees. She also helps the other guy to get up too. Then for the next 2-3 minutes they are fighting - both guys at the same time - but Gerda manage to avoid all their kicks and kick them harder. Guys fell on the ground many time during the fight and Gerda steps on each of them every time the fall.

After that both guys are on the ground side by side. Gerda climbs on both of their chest (with each of her feet on each guy chest).

Gerda: Does the superior sex could be defeated and humiliated by a little girl? And not just one man but 2 strong guys to be under a girls foot? (She laughs). You guys are so pathetic…

She climbs down of them. They are not able to move as they are beaten so hard…

Gerda: Ok guys. I think you need a timeout to rest and reconsider your thoughts about the superior sex.. But don’t hurry! I have not finished with you yet. She steps on both of them as she moves away.


Gerda gets back to the dojo. She steps again on both guys and tells them to get up. Then she removes her heels.

They get up again and then for the next 2-3 minutes they fight again but with the same result as before. They fell on the ground many times and Gerda steps on them every time! After this fight sequence the guys are not able to keep fight and they are on their knees. Gerda push them back with her foot and they fell on the ground again. She approach the first guy and puts her foot on his balls and then she place her foot on his chest.

Gerda: You said that you are the master of this dojo now. Are you sure? It seems to me that you are I humiliate you so much that you cannot be a master of anything.

She laughs and step on him as she walks to the other guy.

She puts her foot on his chest too.

Gerda: And you? You thought that girl are not worthy for karate. What do you think now? Do you think you are in a place that proves that? I think that you are both guys are worthy only to be underneath me! Under the foot of a little girl!

She steps on him.

Then she piles both guys one on the top of the other and she climbs on them (each foot on each guy). (see attached picture)

Gerda: That is your rightful place guys! Underneath me! What do you feel now?

She climbs down and she goes to get her heels. She uses the guys pile as footrest in order to put her heels on. The she places her foot on the one’s guy chest and commands the other guy to kiss her foot again as she is smiling.

Finally she kicks the guy and sends him again on the ground on his back. She steps again on both guys and leaving the room.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda defends her dojo from the rivals

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