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The scene begins with two criminal males in a large room exchanging a briefcase for money. A female whistle is heard from across the room. As the men stop and look across they see Lillian on the other side of the room. Lillian, wearing a long black cloak (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Picture 04 - Long Black Cloak with Hood), is leaning with her back against the side of the solid pillar in the room (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Picture 09 - Large Pillar in Room). Lillian’s body is side-on to the men as she is facing the wall opposite. Her head is covered by the hood of the cloak, and she has her leg raised and bent at the knee as it extends out beyond the cloak, with the sole of her boot resting against the side of the pillar wall (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Picture 10 - Leaning With Back Against the Wall). The men stop what they are doing and move towards Lillian.

The first man speaks, “How did you get in here bitch? How did you get past our guards?”

Still looking ahead and with her head concealed by the hood Lillian responds, “Your guards were no match for me.”

The first man speaks again, “Are you armed?”

Lillian now steps away from the wall before turning face-on towards the men, she then stops, separates her legs so they are a body-width apart and then removes the hood from over her head. Lillian now opens the cloak, and slides the cloak off the top off her shoulders, as to drops to the ground around the back of her boots. Lillian stands facing the men with her hands on her hips and her nunchucks visible behind the front knot of her karate black belt. The camera holds this few for a few seconds to take in Lillian’s full presence.

Lillian now speaks again, “Do you see a weapon?”

The lead man now confidently speaks, “You silly bitch. What makes you think you can just walk in here?”

Lillian responds, “I’ve come for the briefcase.”

The man responds, “Is this some kind of joke? You have just bought yourself a world of trouble little girl!”

At this point a third man comes through the door behind Lillian and quickly moves at her from behind. As he grabs Lillian by the shoulders she slams her right fist into his groin (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 5a - Pushing An Opponent Across The Room). As he bends forward in pain Lillian slams her elbow backwards several times into his face (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 05b - Back Elbows). With the man now stunned, Lillian uses her ninja strength to pull the man around in front of Lillian before she places her palm on his face and easily pushes him backwards into the other two men (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 5a - Pushing An Opponent Across The Room).

Lillian now slowly and sensually walks up to the men, as she passes the first man, she raises her hand and with her index finger extended and runs her finger across the underside on his chin in a teasing manner (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Picture 11 - Teasing With Finger Under A Chin).

Lillian now speaks again, “I don’t think you realise who you’re dealing with! …… Give me the briefcase and I just might let you live!” as she confidently pushes her way past the other two men into the middle of the room. Lillian now pauses and looks back over her shoulder in a seductive manner before again speaking, “Well come on then. I haven’t got all day!”

The three men now follow Lillian into the centre of the room and stand opposite Lillian ready for a fight.

The lead man now steps forward. He throws a straight punch at Lillian’s head which Lillian easily avoids by tilting her head to the left and then as the man throws another straight punch at Lillian’s head, she tilts her head in the other direction easily avoiding the man’s clumsy effort. The man is now bewildered by Lillian’s speed and momentarily pauses giving Lillian more than enough time to unleash a devastating front kick into his face, stunning the man. Lillian follows this up with a swift kick to his groin causing him to lean forward groaning in pain. Lillian now turns her back on the man, folds her arms across her chest and rocks back on the heel of one of her boots before she shakes her head in a dismissive manner knowing these men pose no threat to her. The man Lillian has just kicked is still behind her, as he starts to recover and straighten up he shakes his head to ‘clear’ his thoughts. He then calls out to Lillian, “Hey bitch…. I’m not finished with you yet.” Lillian, still with her back to the man now performs a spinning roundhouse kick to his head knocking him to the ground. The two remaining men are stunned to see Lillian’s skill. Lillian now extends her left hand and gestures, by bending her fingers, for the men to attack her.

The rest of the scene is a big fight scene between Lillian and the three men using the Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Fight Videos.

At one stage during the fight scene Lillian uses her ninja strength to lift up a man off the floor, pull him to his feet and then hold him by the collar of his karate jacket with her left hand as she performs a series of straight punches to his face with her right hand. With the man now dazed from Lillian’s brutal strikes, Lillian now turns her head to the right where one of the other men whom she had beaten earlier has slowly managed to rise to his feet. Lillian, with a fearsome look on her face, initially extends her index finger and points it towards the man before she then extends her index (2nd) and middle (3rd) fingers of her right hand and slowly points them towards her eyes before re-directing her extended fingers towards the other man as an ‘Eyes on you’ gesture (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 06 - Eyes On You). Lillian then returns her attention to the semi-conscious man she is supporting by his jacket with her left hand and again punches him several times in the face before finally stopping, releasing her left hand and letting him collapse to the floor. Lillian now turns towards the man she had earlier pointed her extended fingers at, tilts her head, first left and then right as she cracks her neck, before walking towards the man to continue the fight.

In the final stage of the scene Lillian has finished out two-of-three men using Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Video 02 - Arm Lock and Throat Crush and Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Video 03 - Front Neck Break. Lillian has however saved the biggest man for last. Again using her ninja strength, Lillian lifts the man up off the floor, this time by placing both of her hands on the man’s karate jacket and pulling him to his feet in the middle of the room. Lillian now proceeds to perform a very long series of strikes to the man’s head and throat. I would like this to be a substantially extended version of Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 07a - Prolonged Punch Kick Combination combining with Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 07b - Prolonged Punch Combination like with the man absolutely battered and at various points trying to surrender, only for Lillian to keep punching and kicking away at him with his head and arms jerking every time Lillian strikes from her power. Could it please last for over a minute. First, Lillian performs several separate (open hand) strikes to the front of his throat. With the man gasping for air and looking like he might fall backwards Lillian uses her left hand to grab his karate jacket collar and prevent him falling. Lillian now speaks, “Oh…no…no….You are not going anywhere!” Before delivering several straight punches to his face, with each blow knocking his head back and making his arms to jerk out from his side. Lillian now let’s go of the man and starts delivering a series of brutal swinging roundhouse punches, knocking the man’s head, first to the left and then to the right and then back to the left and so on again several more times. With the man totally demoralised he raises his hands in a gesture for Lillian to stop. However, Lillian is in no mood to stop and with the man’s hands raised Lillian delivers brutal front kick to groin causing him to hunch forward in pain. With the man’s head bowed in front of her, Lillian grabs him by the hair with her left hand and holding his head still punches him multiple times in the face with her right fist. Still not finished, Lillian now raises both fists in front of her face. With her left fist protecting her face, Lilian now strikes out in a straight line with her right fist striking the man in the face, knocking his head backwards. Lillian repeats this several times. At times, Lillian would pause momentarily to push her hair back with her hand before again beating away at the man.

With the man now utterly defeated, Lillian delivers a piercing “Woahhhh….yaaaaa” karate cry as she rapidly extends her hand into the man’s karate jacket where she grabs his chest hair and grips it out causing the man to cry out in pain (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 08 - Grabbing Male Opponents Chest Hair). Lillian now slowly opens her hand with the chest hair, displaying her conquest before pursing her lips in a sensual manner, bringing her hand to her mouth and blowing the hair off her hand. The man is now barely standing, swaying in a semi-conscious state. Lillian now starts to gently bounce on the soles of her boots in front of the man as she prepares to strike again. This time Lillian before a series of roundhouse kicks slowly knocking him backwards towards the wall behind him. With the man against the wall Lillian raises her leg and pins him against the wall by the throat slowly crushing the life out of him (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Video 01 - Boot To The Throat Against The Wall). After the man slowly loses his powers, Lillian eventually lowers her long boot allowing his lifeless body to slide down the wall. Lillian now stands above his defeated body with a look of disdain and contempt on her face. Lillian raises her hands, forms two fists and squeezes her hands until we we hear her knuckles crack, before speaking, “Who’s your bitch now?” Lillian now turns and walks away as the scene ends.


Scene 2 begins with one of the beaten men lying on the floor starting to wake. As he comes to his senses, he soon realises that Lillian is squatting by his side with her chin on her hand (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Picture 12 - Lillian Crouching With Her Hand On Her Chin).

Lillian speaks, “This was all too easy. I really need more of a challenge!”

The man responds, “Who are you bitch?”

Lillian speaks, “Well…..for starters…..I’m nobody’s bitch!” and with this Lillian delivers a karate chop to the back of the man’s neck. As the man’s head falls to the ground Lillian grabs him by his hair with her left hand, lifting his face and then proceeds to punch him in the face several times before releasing his head as it falls to the floor again.

Lillian now rises to stand and walks away with her back turned away from the man. Once she is a few steps away with her back turned, her arms crossed and rocking back on the heel of her right boot, Lillian speaks again, “You may call me…..Mistress Lillian.” Lillian momentarily pauses, before turning back towards then man and speaks “And well… My body is a perfectly trained weapon.” Lillian now removes a mobile phone from the inside of one of her boots and gently throws it so it lands near the hand of the man.

Lillian now speaks again, “Go on, call the rest of your men.”

The man needs no encouragement as he quickly opens the phone and calls for help, “Men, I need back up in the main room now. The briefcase is about to be stolen. Bring every available man”. With that the man hangs up, looks at Lillian and says, “You’re fucked now.”

Lillian now calmly steps towards the man on the floor, rolls her eyes and kicks him across the face with such power he rolls away and is knocked again.

No sooner has she done this than the door on the opposite side of the room opens as three men hooded men charge into the room (these are, for the purposes of the script the same three men from earlier in the scene). As they look across the room they see Lillian on the opposite side with her back against the wall and charge towards her.

The rest of the scene plays out as Lillian defeating multiple male opponents with the three men in hoods coming through the door on multiple times as if there where many different men (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video - Lillian vs Many).

Rather than just showing the feet you could please film all the 3 men running towards Lillian. As they cross the room Lillian defeats each man with a single, devastating kick or punch, often delivered with such power that the male opponent spins around 180 degrees from the power. Can this part of the video be filmed from a distance that allows us to see Lillian’s whole body so we can see the full length of her boots as she kicks her opponents in the head?

I think the H4K really did this scene well in my last Lillian custom, “Lillian Unchained” and I’m hoping for something similar.

After Lillian has defeated three waves of men, she pulls out her nunchucks to beat the last group of three men that attack her. The scene finishes with Lillian holding nunchucks with the lead nunchuck under her right shoulder as she stands over her defeated male opponents. Lillian now tucks the nunchucks back in behind the front of her black belt before bringing her hands together and bowing her head in meditation (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Picture 13 - Standing Meditation Pose). The scene fades out to finish.


Scene 3 begins with the previously battered men now rising slowly to their feet. As the collect themselves they turn to notice Lillian in a sitting meditation pose floating in the air (see Lillian Custom 2021.5 - Picture 14 - Meditation Pose). I’m hoping you can use the same special effect when you having a person being lifted off the ground by the throat and show their feet in the air to show Lillian floating as she meditates. Lillian remains motionless in the air as the men move towards her and surround her, crossing their arms the men are confident that they out number her. One of the men has collected a baseball bat from the side of the room as he then moves behind Lillian. Lillian, still motionless in the meditation pose slowly opens her eyes. The man in front of Lillian now speaks, “Don’t expect any of your ninja training to save you now. We are going to break you so badly….”

As the man is speaking, Lillian brings her extended index finger up in front of her lips to signal that the man needs to stop talking (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Picture 15 - Finger Over Lips - Sssshh).

The man momentarily pauses speaking, astonished that Lillian is so confident. After a pause he continues to speak, “No bitch is going to tell me to be quiet.” The man now throws a straight punch at Lillian’s face. Lillian easily moves her finger from in front of her lips and extends her open palm out towards the man to block his strike. As the man’s punch is blocked by Lillian’s unmoved open palm we hear the man’s bones in his fist crack as if he had punched a steel bar causing the man to slowly retract his fist in pain and hold it his other hand.

Lillian now lowers her palm and resumes her meditation pose. Now the man behind Lillian with the baseball bat goes to strike at Lillian. Just as he swings the bat, Lillian uses her ninja powers to disappear from her floating meditation pose and re-appear behind the man (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 10 - Disappear - Re-appear). With the man now bewildered by her disappearance he doesn’t realise she’s re-appeared behind him. Lillian now, with aloud “Kiii-yaa” delivers a roundhouse kick to his head from behind knocking him forward into the other men. Placing her hands on her hips and her feet a body width apart, Lillian screws up her face before speaking, “Pathetic….all of you!”

The rest of the scene is a big fight scene between Lillian and the three men using the Lillian Custom - Fight Videos.

At the end of the scene the last man standing approaches Lillian and he pulls out a pair of nunchucks. Unimpressed, Lillian removes her nunchucks and swings it so the lead nunchuck ends up being under her as she slowly brings her left hand across the front of her body. Can be filmed with the camera showing Lillian from the front, extending her arm and finger if a gliding like motion. At this point the two other men rises from the floor behind Lillian. The men behind pick up weapons and thinking that Lillian is distracted by the man in front of her sneak up behind her planning to attack her from behind. Without looking behind her, Lillian confidently swings her nunchucks behind her right-hand side hitting the first man in the face and knocking him out (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 11 - Nunchucks - Backward Strike).

The second man behind Lillian now looks down in surprise at the first man on the ground and as he looks up again at Lillian’s back, Lillian again, without looking backwards, strikes her nunchucks backwards to knock the second man out.

Lillian, having always been looking ahead at the man in front of her now speaks, “Do you really want to do this?” The man feeling over confident responds, “Come on ninja girl. You think you know how to use nunchucks!” Lillian remains calm realising she is the better fighter waiting before seizing her moment to strike the man in the face (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 12 - Nunchucks - Forward Strike). The man now cries out in pain, “The bitch broke my nose!” The camera now focuses / cuts to Lillian’s face where she raises her eyebrows in confidence of her ability. Frightened, the man suddenly drops his nunchucks and runs for the door and leaves the room. Lillian now places her nunchucks behind her black belt, crosses her arms across her chest, and shakes her head in annoyance before sighing. Lillian now speaks, “I hate it when they run!” Lillian now confidently walks to the door in pursuit of the man.

Lillian suddenly moves with lightning speed (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 13 - Lightening Speed) follows him to the door, firstly kicking him into the door before kicking him in the head. The man attempts to flee by placing his hand on the door handle and attempts to open the locked door. After he’s placed his hand on the door handle. We then hear a loud “Whoaaaah” cry by Lillian as the camera shows Lillian standing in a martial arts pose as she delivers a rapid kick with her boot to the man’s hand making him to pull his hand away from the door handle, shaking his hand in pain (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 14 - Kicks To The Head Followed By Kicking The Hand On The Door Handle).

Lillian now extends her right hand, raising her right index finger before shaking it left and right warning the man not to try and leave (see Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 04a - Waving Finger).

Lillian now speaks, “Not so fast boyfriend, we haven’t finished playing yet.” before raising both her hands to form tight fists so that we hear her knuckles loudly crack. Lillian now kicks the man several times knocking him back into the middle of the room.

The scene finishes with Lillian performing another prolonged beat down fight like in Scene 1 where Lillian selects a man of the floor and proceeds to perform a very long series of strikes to the man’s head and throat. I would like this to be an substantially extended version of  Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 07a - Prolonged Punch Kick Combination combining with Lillian Custom 2021.4 - Special Video 07b - Prolonged Punch Combination similar to the end of Scene 1.

Lillian now finishes all three men with the Lillian Custom 2021.4 – Videos 01/02/03.

Having defeated all the men, Lillian walks to the window to collect her cloak and put it on. She then walks to the corner of the room and collects the brief case before walking to the door. Once at the door Lillian looks back over her shoulder with a discontented look at the defeated men on the ground before leaving the room. The film now finishes.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian in Black

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