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  • Rhea makes her boyfriend to believe himself

Rhea was on a date with her boyfriend, they were going to a restaurant when they were attacked by an armed guy. Rhea's boyfriend was about to give the robber all his money when Rhea put her foot on the suitcase with the money and said that she would not give him anything. Rhea began to fight with the robber knocking the weapon out of his hand. However the robber was not a simpleton. Rhea despite all her fighting skills could not defeat him. She tried to attract her boyfriend to the fight but all his hits were so pathetic that the robber easily beat them off throwing the loser on his back. Finally, Rhea managed to stun the robber with a powerful houseround kick to the head. Taking advantage of the moment before the robber had time to recover Rhea gave her boyfriend a strength serum. Magic happened and suddenly he felt not only very strong but also very furious. He started throwing the robber from corner to corner with incredible ease, then he lifted him over his head and threw him on the floor. The robber had no choice but to run away. Rhea was delighted with her updated boyfriend.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rhea makes her boyfriend to believe himself

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