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  • Ivy completed her mission getting the papers

Custom clip request 

Ivy and 2 actors (one of them plays in the last scene as the boss in the office)

The clothes for Ivy as we discussed (tiny string , tights or stockings, black high heels from clip ''Ivy and Melanie punish the customers and take their wallets'' plus mini skirt. If she can wear high heel platforms it will be perfect, otherwise black high heels it is no problem).

For the script it will looks like the clip ''Terminator Carly gets the papers'' but with some differences without the first scene with the car and without wearing sunglasses.

Scene 1 see her legs and heels walking. She arrives in the building and see guard 1. The guard holds machine g... She seduce him and asks where is the boss. She takes off slowly her miniskirt seeing her ass with the string. Then she starts kicking him in face and balls. As he lies on he ground she takes the machine g.. and shoots to him. 

She steps over his body and then comes guard 2. He begs her on his knees in front of her (camera seeing her ass and between her legs his face enclose photo) but she shoots him stepping over his body.

Scene 2 after the stepping of 2 guards she walks slowly seeing her ass, heels and hearing them. She arrives to the office. The scene will be the same as the clip ''Terminator Carly gets the papers'' with boss and Ivy. After many kicks she shoots him and steps over his body.

Scene 3 walking and stepping over again the 2 guards of Scene 1 completes her mission and leaves the building.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy completed her mission getting the papers

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