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  • Secret agent Rhea has hired as a new secretary by the local gang

Custom clip request 

Could I order another custom with your new actress Rhea please and 3 guys. Length would be approx 20 mins. Rhia outfit would be very short pvc skirt, white panties, long boots and white top .

Storyline - the boss of a criminal gang has hired a new secretary, in be known to him Secret agent Rhea is pretending to take the role so she can destroy the gang. Rhea turns up at the hideout and is let in by 2 guards , as one frisks her from behind she bring her elbow swiftly into his neck and he collapses to the ground , the other gaurd runs toward her and she lifts her boot and he runs into it he falls to his knees and she repeat head kicks him several times and he falls to the floor, the first gaurd staggers to his feel and Rhea karate chops him several times and finishes him with a face palm strike . She then moves through the building taking out several guards as she goes , ending up in an area with the boss and 2 guards, they look surprised and ask if she is the new secretary , she replies yes but your guys got in my way so I eliminated them all so now it’s your turn. A fight entails ending with Rhea eliminating all 3 . As usual I’ll leave the fight choreography to you please include repeat face kicks, scorpion strikes, face palm strikes , karate chops, head between legs, reverse boot kicks, and where Rhea treats guards head as a punch bag, if possible some of the scenes in a stairwell and a number of low camera angle shots, also I really like the way you use a desk as a prop in some of my customs so if you could also do something similar in the last scene. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Secret agent Rhea has hired as a new secretary by the local gang

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