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  • Gerda bullies the male fighter

Custom clip request 

I am interested in a minute mixed fighting video with Gerda versus a guy. 


Sports bra and athletic shorts.  Similar (or same) top as “Gerda  was made to fight in a fight club”.  Short, snug athletic shorts, similar to what Naomi wears in “Naomi messes up the business of the crime boss”).  Something like the following.

(1 min 30 sec)

Guy is in a room practicing punches and kicks. 

Gerda walks in behind him and looks at the guy.  Pan over her slowly.

She calls out, “you!  Leave.”

He turns around, “What?  I’ve reserved this room.“

She says, “ I want to use this room.  Leave now or I’ll throw you out.”

He scoffs and folds his arms. “You’re just a weak girl.  Just try to throw me out.”

She smiles and gives him a quick punch that staggers him back.

He looks angry and says, “You’re going to pay for that bitch!”

He sends a flurry of punches/kicks at her, but she blocks or dodges every one of them. Then she gives him a punch that knocks him back a few feet.

He pounds the ground or wall in frustration. She gives a slight smile. Then he tries to attack her again.

(4 min 30 sec)

The next 4 section is the main fight where the guy repeatedly tries to attack Gerda, but she blocks or dodges his blows and hits him back a few times, knocking him down to the ground many times.  When he gets up, he looks hurt but he shakes himself off and attacks again.  The first few times he is able to get up quickly, but as time goes on he looks more and more injured.    

I especially would like some counter punches, where Gerda blocks or dodges a blow and immediately fires a few punches or kicks of her own and knocks the guy down.  Like the following examples:

I would also like there to be a scene where Gerda catches the guy’s arm as he attempts a punch, and pushes the arm down as the guy struggles against her, and he has a disbelieving look on his face.  Then she knocks him down with a punch.

I would also like a scene where Gerda does an axe kick and ends up with her legs together, like the following scene and with the same camera angle.

(2 min)

After the main fight sequence, the guy acts very beat up and can barely stand.  He cowers and says, “no more, no more.  I’ll leave.”

But she grabs him and says, “I’m not done with you.”  She pulls him up to his feet and pushes him against the wall.  Then she backs away a few feet and stands and puts her hands on her hips and looks at him with a confident smirk.  “What did  you call me?  A weak girl?  Who’s stronger?  Me or you?”  

“Try and hit me.”  she commands him.

He looks reluctant at first, then with a snarl he tries to hit her.

She catches his arm then gives him 2 stomach blows then an uppercut which knocks him down.

She looks down at him and gives him a small smile.

He backs away from her in fear as she walks slowly toward him.  But she grabs him and brings him up to his feet.

Again she looks at him with a confident smile.  Then she picks up his phone from the ground.

She says, “I want you to post something to all your friends.   Say, I just got beat up by a girl.  She was too strong for me.”

He looks horrified and shakes his head.

She gives him a stomach punch that doubles him over in pain, then she hits him again and knocks him down.

She grabs him again and brings him to his knees.  “Say it”, she says in a commanding tone.  She threatens him with a punch and he flinches, then he nods.   He looks into the phone and  says,  “I just.. got beat up... by a girl.  She... was too strong... for me.”

She smiles, takes a selfie with her and him in it.  Then she puts down the phone and brings him to his feet, then gives him a punch and knocks the man is out.

Gerda looks down at him with a smile.  The camera pans over her.

Then she does some stretches with the guy still lying next to her.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda bullies the male fighter

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