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Scene 1

Scene 1 opens with the door to the room opening as Ivy is pushed through the door by a large man right behind her. Ivy has her hands bound by chains in front of her body (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Picture 05 - Chained Wrists). As Ivy steps forward into the room the large man behind her again pushes her in the back towards to other men in the middle of the room before she stops. The man standing behind Ivy now runs his hand along the top of her right shoulder as he speaks, “I found this little minx snooping around outside.” Ivy, rolls her eyes before responding “Touch me again and……” The man behind Ivy arrogantly interrupts Ivy to say, “I’ll touch whatever I like bitch!” He now slaps Ivy on the bottom with his hand before laughing. Ivy now gives a disapproving look on her face before firmly responding, “You’ll regret that arsehole.”

The two men standing in front of Ivy now engage with her. The bigger man grabs Ivy by the chin (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Special Video 03 - Grabbing By The Chin) before speaking to her, “Why does somebody so beautiful cause me so much trouble?” The other man standing in front of Ivy is unimpressed and speaks, “This little girl?…..She’s no threat.” The bigger man now speaks to his men, “Be warned gentlemen…..Ivy is no ordinary girl. Her body is a lethal weapon. You’re lucky she is chained.” The man leans close to Ivy’s ear and speaks again, “Well she looks harmless to me.” Ivy now smiles smugly. The second man standing in front of Ivy now speaks, “Let me wipe that smile off your face bitch.” As he slaps Ivy across the face. Ivy’s head moves to the side as she is slapped. After momentarily looking down, Ivy slowly straightens her head up and returns her gaze to the two men in front of her with a look of anger and determination but she speaks calmly, “Wrong move arseholes.”

The boss man responds, “Bound in chains, you are in no position to tell us what to do.” A half-smile comes across Ivy’s face. She now attacks the man behind her by first raising her boot to first stomp down hard on his foot before launching her boot backwards and upwards into the groin of the man behind her (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Special Video 04 - Foot Stomp and Backward Heel Kick To The Groin). As the man behind Ivy groans in pain he remains standing. Ivy now raises her hands still bound by the chains as a defence against any attack from in front of her. Ivy now delivers a piercing “ki-ya” as she breaks free from the chains (see Ivy Custom - Special Video 05 - Raised Hands Before Breaking Free From Chains).

Ivy now immediately launches her right elbow upwards and backwards several times into the face of the man behind her (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Special Video 06 - Multiple Backwards Elbow Strikes). The man is now stunned, holding his hands over his face crying out “You broke my nose bitch!” Ivy now takes a step forward, and without looking delivers a sudden backwards kick into the head of the man behind her, knocking the him backwards and onto the ground (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Special Video 07 - Backward Kick (Multiple Camera Angles)). Could you please shoot this kick from more than one camera angle.

The rest of the scene is a big one-sided fight scene between Ivy and the three men using Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Fight Videos. If possible, could Ivy please drop into the splits before punching a male opponent in the groin (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Picture 10 - The Splits - Legs To The Sides).

Towards the end of the Scene 1, after all of the men have been knocked down one of the men slowly stands up before pulling a pair of silver top nunchucks out and starts swinging them in preparation to attack Ivy. Ivy who is on the opposite side of the room picks up the chains that once bound her wrists and starts swinging them in a circle. The male opponent and Ivy now approach each other near the middle of the room. The man initially swings his nunchucks at Ivy missing at each attempt as she easily weaves to avoids his strikes. The camera now focuses on Ivy as she throws one end of the chain forward while still holding the other end in her hand. The camera now switches to the man as the thrown end of the chain has wrapped around the man’s nunchuck. Using her ninja strength, Ivy now pulls the end of her chain that she’s still holding, dislodging the nunchucks from the man’ hand onto the ground as the man looks on in disbelief. The camera now switches back to Ivy as starts to swing the chain again from one end in a circle. Ivy then again throws the far end of the chain towards the same man. The camera now cuts back to the man with the chain wrapped around his throat. Ivy now moves forward, kicks him hard in the groin to distract him before grabbing both ends of the chain, pulling both ends tight. Ivy now releases the chain, allowing the man to crumble to the floor. One of the two remaining men rises to his feet and also pulls out a pair of nunchucks (the black top pair). Ivy responds by reaching down and picking up the silver top nunchucks on the floor (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Picture 04 - Silver Top Nunchucks). Ivy now bending her knees slightly holds one end of the silver top nunchucks in her right hand before swinging the opposite end of her nunchuck under her right shoulder (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Picture 11 - Nunchucks Under Shoulder With Extended Opposite Hand). As she waits for the man swing the nunchucks to attack her, the third man, who was also on the ground behind Ivy, slowly rises to his feet behind her. Ivy is completely aware of the man behind her and without looking swings her nunchucks backward with a single strike hitting the man in the head and knocking him out (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Special Video 08 - Nunchucks - Backward Strike).

The last man standing now confidently approaches Ivy from the front with his nunchucks ready to attack. He stops just in front of Ivy. Ivy, with her knees slightly bent, now brings her left hand out and moves it in a slow arch across the front of her body (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Picture 11 - Nunchucks Under Shoulder With Extended Opposite Hand) before the man speaks, “Well it’s just you and me now, bitch!” After a moment’s pause, Ivy flicks her nunchucks forward hitting the man in the face as she releases a loud “Wooo-aah”, catching him ‘off guard’ (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Special Video 09 - Nunchucks - Forward Strike) and stunning him. With the nunchucks back underneath her right shoulder, Ivy now speaks, “I hate being called a bitch!” Ivy now swings the nunchucks in a horizontal arc across his head knocking the man out. With all three men now knocked out on the floor, Ivy walks to a corner of the room where she bends down onto her knees before assuming a meditation sitting position (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Picture 12a/b - Kneeling Meditation Pose) before the scene ends.

Scene 2

Scene 2 begins with the three men in karate uniforms lying on the floor. They begin to awaken and slowly get to their feet. Off camera we now hear a female whistle. As the men turn around the camera now switches to Ivy who’s on the opposite side of the room leaning against a wall with one leg raised such the sole of her boot is on the wall, and her arms are crossed (see Ivy Custom 2021 - Picture 13 - Arms Crossed And Raised Leg Leaning Against a Wall). She has the nunchucks tucked in behind her black belt (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Picture 04 - Silver Top Nunchucks Behind Belt) and the sleeves of her karate jacket rolled up around her elbows to show the long black gloves. She has a half-smile on her face that changes to a determined look before she begins to speak, “And you boys said you could fight?……Pathetic!” One of the men rises to his feet and walks over to Ivy. As he approaches Ivy, she steps slightly away from the wall with hands (clenched as fists) resting on her hips and her feet one-body-width apart (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Picture 14 - Fists On Hips). As the first man reaches Ivy she displays a dismissive smile before challenging the man, “Come on then, I’ll even let you throw a few punches at my six-pack abdomen.” Not believing his luck, the man throws 3-4 punches into Ivy’s stomach without her flinching (moving). Ivy now mocks him, “Pathetic!” she says. The man frustrated and seeing Ivy standing still believes he can strike her in the face. As he throws the punch at Ivy’s face, she easily weaves to one side as the man’s fist hits the wall behind Ivy and breaks the bones in his hand as he recalls in pain. As the man holds his broken hand in his other hand and is distracted by the pain, Ivy smiles, shakes her head in disbelief at how terrible the men are at fighting and she again mocks him, “Really! …….You would try and punch this beautiful face? Such a dumbass!” Ivy now grabs the man by the hair with her left hand, holding his head steady she now pile drives several punches into his face before releasing his body to the floor.

The rest of the scene is a big one-sided fight scene between Carly and the two men using Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Fight Videos before knocking them all down. I’ve included a clip from Ivy’s latest video where she does a great leg roll before trapping the man between her legs. Instead of having a drawn our choking can Ivy wrench her legs quickly in an upward motion to break the man’s neck.

The last part of Scene 2 ends with the one of the previously defeated men from men rising to his feet having previously knocked down by Ivy. As he slowly gets to his feet they stumble towards the door. Ivy follows him, firstly kicking him into the door with a side kick before kicking him in the head. The man attempts to flee by placing his hand on the door handle only to hear a loud “Whoaaaah” cry by Ivy, standing in a martial arts pose, as she delivers a rapid kick with her boot to the man’s hand making him to pull his hand away, shaking it in pain (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Special Video 10 - Kicks To The Head Followed By Kicking The Hand On The Door Handle). Ivy now extends her right hand, raising her right index finger before shaking it left and right warning the man not to try and leave (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Special Video 11 - Waving Finger). Ivy now speaks, “Not so fast boyfriend, we haven’t finished playing yet.” before raising both her hands to form tight fists so that we hear her knuckles loudly crack. Ivy now kicks the man several times knocking him back into the middle of the room where she, with a cold look in her eyes, delivers them ‘thumbs down’ sign to signal she’s about finish her male opponents (see Ivy Custom Video 2021.1 - Special Video 12 - Thumbs Down). Ivy now finishes all three men. The scene finishes with Ivy assuming a meditation pose on the back of one of her male opponents (see Ivy Custom 2021.1 - Picture 15 - Sitting Meditation Pose).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy Unchained

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