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  • Cat fighting. Rhea vs Stefania

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As usual It's a brawl with low blows, high flicking kicks, left and right combos to the face and gut.

Plenty of knees and uppercuts.

Stephanie and Rhea are bare foot and dressed in one piece suits Rhea fits well in the long sleeve black suit and you can choose Stephanie's attire.

They circle one another with smug expressions on their faces.

Suddenly Stephanie throws a right at Rhea's face.

Rhea threw her arm up and blocked it and grabbed Stephanie by her hair and slammed her head into Stephanie's with a head butt.

Stephanie went reeling back and hit the wall and Rhea followed her and grabbed two fists full of her

hair and rammed her knee up between her legs.

Stephanie grunted and doubled over and Rhea with a toothy snarl grabbed her hair again and slammed

her knee into her forehead jacking her up against the wall again.

Rhea smirked as she cocked her right fist back and slammed it into Stephanie's gut and then followed it

with a left hook to her gut and then an uppercut.

Stephanie began to slide down the wall and Rhea grabbed the top of her bathing suit and pulled her

back up right. Rhea hissed through clenched teeth and unloaded a right jab.

Stephanie swiped it away and grabbed Rhea's one piece suit and stretched it out as she pulled her into a huge head butt.

Rhea crumbled and falls to the floor.

Stephanie smirks arrogantly and moves her right hand to signal Rhea to get up and fight.

Rhea sneers at Stephanie and rises and they circle one another again.

From this point I'd like to see four distinct transitions were the fight goes back and forth. You can choose who takes control from one quarter of the shoot to the next quarter until its over. It will go something like this...

One of them starts off by hooking right, left combinations into the others face as her heads jolted back and forth until the other sagged down the wall to her haunches.

Who ever this is smirks as she admired her work and then grabs the other by hair again and pulls her to

her feet and stands her upright again and whips her around to face the wall.

The one behind her kicks the other's legs apart with her foot one at a time and then grabs two fists full of her one piece's bottoms. Then with a snarl she started driving her knee between the other's

legs a half dozen times and backed off letting her slide back to the floor as her pretty face smears up against the wall in her way down.

The devastated woman out of shear pride try's to hold back a whimper as to not give the other one inch of satisfaction from the beating she just handing her and then slams her fist against the floor in frustration.

The woman standing finds herself gloating a little too long as she stands over her with her hands on her hips.

Suddenly the one flat on her face whips around to her back and kicks the other between her legs.

She doubles over and the other proceeds to get to a kneeling position and rams three fists up between the other's legs and she drops to her knees facing

the other, who grabs two fists full of hair and slams her head into hers with another head butt.

The battle by both is full of expression and pride with neither giving mercy or asking.

It's all yours at this point. Its a 15 Min fight.

All kinds of combination hooks, uppercuts, knees and high kicks.

The end is with one of them knowing the other has nothing left as she sat against the wall trying desperately to keep herself in the game.

The other looks down with a smirk as she puts both palms on the wall above the other's head and starts drilling her knee into her forehead a half dozen times.

The other's head no sooner came off her knee when the back of her head hit the wall.

When the victor backed off the loser listed and then fell to her face and her body jolted in spasm a few times. The victor just scoffed down at the loser and then sauntered away with a swagger leaving the loser lying face down.

I find the ropes intriguing but I don't want you to spend a lot of time on the fight in them and both fighters don't need to use them but I'm interested in your innovations there. I'm thinking maybe a series of uppercuts...low blows maybe but go ahead and put your spin on it.

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Cat fighting. Rhea vs Stefania

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