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  • Tiffany was betrayed and defeated

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[Training with a guy]
Tiffany trains and is sparring with a weaker guy (training guy). She is a cocky, and well-trained fighter.
The training guy is much weaker compared to Tiffany and gets mocked and laughed at. Tiffany can do splits, cartwheels, punch and kick quicker and harder.
The training guy was not as good, and get frustrated as he is being mocked. 
"I'll beat up you no matter what it takes!" he determines.
Tiffany even offered let training guy hit her (face, stomach) without blocking them, while she stands hands behind her head and legs apart in an "open" position. The attacks seems to have only weak effects on her, which showed off her toughness. She laughs at him, that even without defending, he cannot defeat her. In anger, training guy kick's Tiffany in the crotch. Although Tiffany feels some pain, she can shrug it off. This surprises the guy as that is usually a weak spot. He kicks a few more time, but after the 3rd kick, Tiffany blocks it off. She admits it is her weak spot and cannot take that much damage, but it still much better than him.
They continue sparring. 2 men walked in, taunting Tiffany that they will beat her up. She laughs at them and tells training guy to watch and learn.
[First crotch hit]
The 2 men starts to fight with Tiffany. But it appears Tiffany's toughness (to be able to take hits without much effect) is getting her the advantage. Even when the three exchange blows, she remains strong and the men gets weaker. Tiffany stretches her leg out and pins one of the men (at the neck) using her leg against the wall. He could not break out of the foot hold on his neck. 
The other man, seeing Tiffany's position - outstretched leg and wide-open crotch give her a hard kick at her crotch. This breaks her pin-hold as she cups her crotch in pain. 
In anger over the successful low blow, Tiffany plummets both men and pins them at theie necks against the wall using her hands. Both men could not break her hold,  punches hits Tiffany, but Tiffany was able to withstand their hits. 
The training guy shouts to them "Not there! Her crotch! Hit her crotch! That's her weak spot!"
"What are you doing!?" shouts Tiffany.
The men starts to kick at Tiffany's crotch to break her hold. She shows pain from her facila expression. Tiffany manages only to endure for 3 to four kick, and then her hold started to crumble. She had to back off and hold her crotch in pain to recover.
"I'll get you for this" Tiffany says to the training guy as she continues to face the 2 men.
[3 against 1]
The 2 men fights Tiffany. Now they try to take aim at her weak spot, but Tiffany is careful to block. She still holds the advantage as she is a tougher and better fighter against the 2. 
The training guy sneaks up from behind and low-blows Tiffany. This takes her by surprise. The three surrounds Tiffany and attacks from all sides.
In a 3 on 1 situation, Tiffany is unable to properly defend herself and starts to lose the fight She gets hit in many areas (including uppercuts/ kicks punches and kicks to her crotch).
[Attempts to turn the table]
Sensing that she is losing, she uses her athletic skills and cartwheels around the three, and hits out at them. They were unable to catch her, and she is "running circles" around the three, and taking shots at them.
2 of the men are down on the floor. Tiffany does a summersault, on handstand, uses her legs to lock the 3rd man's neck. The man tries but could not break free. The other two men recovered and together they pull apart Tiffany's legs. 
[Vulnerable position]
Tiffany finds herself in fear as she is in a vulnerable position. She is "inverted' on a hand stand (unable to use hands) and her legs are stretched wide apart, exposing her crotch. "No! No! Let go of me!" she screams.
The 3 men take their revenge on Tiffany by stretching hitting her unprotected crotch. 
Tiffany finally crumbles and holds her crotch in pain, asking for them to stop.
[One-sided domination] - Let this part be long
From here on, its a one-side against Tiffany.
The men uses a variety of ways and positions to stretch Tiffany's legs beyond her limits, and taking hits at her weak spot.
The three of them put Tiffany in many vulnerable positions and does a variety of ways to break her crotch in in those positions...Stomps, punches, jabs, frontal kicks, kicks from the rear. 
Positions include Boston Crab, ramming Tiffany's cunt using the metal pole and hanging ropes (those 3 ropes simulating the entry to a boxing ring)
Finally, we have the tough Tiffany broken after a tremendous amount of low blows. She staggers, semi-consciouness with drool dripping off her mouth. 
The training guy tells Tiffany "I win!" He gave her a final cuntbust and Tiffany fell, quivering on the ground.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Tiffany was betrayed and defeated

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