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  • Never mess with martial arts gym reception girl Gerda

Steve is practicing his kicks and punches in the martial arts gym. Steve is wearing white kimono and black belt. Gym reception administrator girl (Gerda) enters. Gerda is wearing only black -high heels, nylons, shorts and dress. Also she is wearing very nice black glasses. Gerda informs Steve that the gym is going to close. Steve shows almost no reaction, just makes her sign to leave and not to disturb him, and continues practicing. Gerda says once more, that  he has to finish his exercises immediately and leave. Now Steve reacts, saying to this tiny and pretty girl that she is only a secretary, and her job is to fill out papers, and recommends that she do just that,  while the real man with black belt is improving his karate skills. Gerda is smiling, and says that she will beat him up without black belt. Steve laughs and shows no respect to her, saying that such a weak small skinny girl can do nothing to him. Gym secretary removes her glasses, smiles and says that at the beginning she can beat him in arm wrestling. Steve asks her to show this.

They move to the table, and competition starts. At the beginning Steve takes an advantage, pressing her arm up to 45 degrees. Gerda smiles and pushes his hand a bit back. Smile goes from his face, because he is trying his best, but he is not succeeding to push her hand more.

In about ten seconds it's over - Gerda easily wins the round. Steve cannot believe it and immediately asks for a rematch. This time he will be prepared. She agrees. Round two starts, Steve tries to cheat in different ways - pushes her hand immediately after the countdown ends, tries to help himself with the other hand, even stands up and pushes the secretary's hand with his body and both hands. Nothing helps - she just yawns, checks manicure on her other arm nails, and thеn easily wins the round. 

Steve cannot believe that he lost, and says that he will for sure beat Gerda in a fight, because he has black belt. Gerda just smiles, and repeats that she doesn't need black belt to beat him up. "Come on" - Steve says. He still does not understand that he just made a huge mistake.

Gerda takes off her skirt and heels, and steps on the mat. Steve tries to punch her, but she catches both his hands without any problem, and her kick sends him to the floor. Male fighter jumps back on his feet, and attacks Gerda, but she is too quick for him. Some quick punches from her - and the man is once more on the ground. She puts her foot on his chest and asks him, standing in a victory pose, is he sure that he wants to continue. He is lying under her foot, but his ego makes him try to continue fighting, he cannot confirm that he lost, when he sees a mockery smile on her beautiful face. She agrees to continue, but warns him that if he loses, he will lose his black belt forever. Steve agrees.  

Gerda lets him stand up and even lets him start his attack. But we know who is a really skilled fighter there. Steve receives a lot of high kicks directly to his face, he can do nothing to this elegant and agressive girl. Gerda sends Steve one more time to the ground, but this is not enough for her,  and she decides to humiliate him more, so she switches from fight to wrestling, appling RNC hold on her male opponent. Steve tries his best to escape, but he's running out of air in his lungs and has to tap out. Gerda frees him, and while he tries to catch his breath makes another great victory pose, this time she steps with one foot on his back. Gerda enjoys her victory, and asks Steve if he gives up. "No way!" - he says. Gerda wants him to confirm his loss, so she continues her "lesson" to this tuff guy. She helps him to stand up, and starts another series of punches, hitting his abs and face. Steve still has not regained his breath, so he is not even trying to protect himself, and the result is obvious - Steve is on the floor. The beautiful evil girl continues to humiliate the male fighter verbally - saying that she is tired of such a weak opponent, and that she has more important things to do than waste her time on such an unskilled rival. This motivates Steve to get up several more times. It is hard for him to even raise his hands, he is totally defeated and destroyed. The result is easy to predict - the male falls down each time from her punches. 

When Steve is not able even to stand up - Gerda comes to her lying victim and stands on his chest with her both tiny and beautiful feet, takes his black belt and smiles. She is really enjoying her victory. She tells him that he has five minutes to leave the gym, and goes away stepping over his body. Steve, exhausted, lays on the floor.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Never mess with martial arts gym reception girl Gerda

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