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  • Gerda punished the bandit with her dirty feet in white pantyhose

Custom clip request 

Outfit: white pantyhose (Same as “Lillian torn her pantyhose during fight”) + bikini at the bottom, any cloth on the top would be fine. Comfortable shoes (get removed at the beginning of the video).

No special effect

Key words: dirty pantyhose, Feet fight

English subtitle.


X is chasing after a thug down to a place as described above in the pictures. She wears sexy white pantyhose but her pantyhose is super sweaty.

0 to 3 mins:

The villain ambushes X by suddenly grabbing X’s legs and dropping her to the ground. He brutally removed her shoe, exposing her sexy white pantyhose feet. X struggles but her shoes get removed anyway. Her pantyhose is getting muddier and dirtier. Meanwhile, the thug tries to overpower X by holding her legs and locking her on the ground. X struggles and kicks back several times yet no success. Her white pantyhose gets dirtier and dirtier on her legs and feet during the struggle. (Camera on her feet and legs). The thug was attracted by her sweaty and smelly pantyhose, sniffing and worshiping her pantyhose toes. X decides to use her pantyhose take the thug down.

3 to 9 mins

X finally stands up. She can do round high kicks, jump kicks, etc. She then does some kicks while sitting on the ground and laying on her side (to make her pantyhose dirtier). After a few kicks the thug falls to the ground. She can tub her foot on his face and the top of his head, rub her dirty legs on his face also, is in a split over him when the thug lies on the ground, and She then rubs their foot on his face using her extremely dirty pantyhose feet and legs. The thug is humiliated but seemly enjoys the dirty pantyhose. She then gives him several times a scissor. (camera on her leg and feet moves). The villain tries to punch back by attacking X’s feet. He once holds X’s a side kick punching and tickling her dirty pantyhose feet.

9 mins to 15 mins

X sits on a chair and start posing her legs in the air and crossing them. She seduces him completely with her feet and toes while he cannot take his eyes away from her legs and feet. She starts opening, posing, crossing her legs on the chair (or table for safety) for a while. She then goes into a leg split on the dirty ground. She then starts stretching her legs and make splits on the ground. Her pantyhose legs are almost dark. The thug can not stop himself rubbing and playing her pantyhose, stretching the pantyhose at her toes. She continues to tease him with her legs by making stretches and splits. He touches her legs again and gets punished with a few kicks and then X rubs again her feet on his face yelling at the thug “smell it, smell my dirty pantyhose!”

The guy tries to defend himself and attacks her feet, but she is much faster. She stretches, splits and moves her legs away from his attacks. X then let the thug sit on the chair. She puts her feet on the villain’s throat. The villain hates that and wants to push her foot away but has no chance as she is much stronger. She then high-kicks him to the ground. Then she locks the thug away

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda punished the bandit with her dirty feet in white pantyhose

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  • Product Length: 16 minutes
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