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  • Rob lifts Gerda in different ways

Custom clip request 

Clothes: Gerda will be using the same outfit of "Gerda wins using dirty tricks" (White top, denim shorts,loose hair, no shoes and no socks)


-Gerda challenges Rob to a fight but Rob shows her that he is much stronger and will completely dominate her.

-He lifts her by the armpits and shakes her in an aggressive way to show her how strong he is.

-She gets scared and tries to escape but rob grabs her by both ankles, before picking her up the camera will record her feet for a few seconds while rob looks at her, then rob lift her upside down by her ankles and he shakes her the much time he can and swing her side to side like a ragdoll.

- Rob will continue lifting Gerda in many ways, i send you the variety of lifts in the pictures attached (You can take the time you need here)

- Finally when Rob defeats Gerda, he will lift her upside down by one ankle as a win trophy, and the camera will focus with a close up on their face, waist, legs and feet while she is helded. (rising from the face to the feet).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rob lifts Gerda in different ways

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