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  • Gerda and Rhea suspend each other

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Scene 1 (1 minute) Rhea is wearing the same out fit from "Rhea does not tolerate disobedience. POV".  Her hair is pulled into a top pony tail.  She starts out tied up AOH suspended off the ground.  Gerda comes in wearing the same skirt and shirt and heels as "Wrestlers beat Gerda by cheating".  Her hair is also pulled into a top pony tail.  Gerda demands answers.  Rhea refuses.  Gerda pulls down Rhea's pants to her ankles revealing her black panties.  Gerda then tickles Rhea.  Rhea still refuses to talk.   Gerda digs her hand into Rhea's stomach.  Gerda says ok we got something else.

Scene 2 (1 minute) Rhea is still in her black panties tied AOH stretched tightly not suspended but her feet are now on the ground.  Gerda comes in and says still wont talk.  Rhea refuses to talk.  Gerda then pulls the rope stretching Rhea tighter and tighter.  Rhea says she loves being stretched.  Gerda says she loves stretching Rhea.  Rhea still wont talk.  Gerda says ok well start again tomorrow.

Scene 3 (1 minute) Rhea is AOH suspended again this time wearing the skirt and shirt and heels from "Bandits diversified Rhea's boring day"  Gerda comes in and removes Rhea's skirt.  Rhea is still wearing black panties.  She beings to tickle her and then digs her hand into her stomach.  Rhea still wont talk.  Rhea has had enough and then kicks Gerda in the head knocking her out.

Scene 4 (1 minute) Gerda still dressed in the skirt and shirt and heels finds herself AOH suspended.  Rhea still wearing the black panties comes in and says she is now going to make Gerda talk.  She pulls down Gerda's skirt.  Gerda is wearing her pink panties.  Rhea begins to tickle her and digs her hand into Gerda's stomach.  Gerda still refuses to talk.  Rhea says ok we got some more.

Scene 5 (1 minute) Gerda is in her pink bra and panties and heels tied AOH stretched tightly feet on the ground.  Rhea comes in and begins to pull the rope stretching Gerda.  Gerda says she loves being stretched.  Rhea says she loves stretching Gerda.  Gerda is out and Rhea leaves.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda and Rhea suspend each other

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