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  • Gerda proves that her dojo is the best

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Gerda takes a visit to a local dojo. She will show up in the first outfit with a bag containing the gi. Her movement will be sexy and not look like a martial art expert. He will ask her how to help. She will tell him that she is coming to fight karate with him and prove that her dojo is the best. He will be surprised. He will walk around her and tell her that she has no chance, but accept the challenge. She will go somewhere to change. She will come back in a flip-flop, which she will take off before the fight. (do some close ups) . He will be arrogant and not see her as an opponent. She will bow. Make some kata forms and poses before him like in the video. Use the same attack pose like in the pictures (pose_01 to 05 and the youtube video). In the first phase he will just try to find out how she could fight playing with her. They are blocking each other's moves, until she hits him hard. He will get angry and start to fight seriously. He will beat her badly. She will get to the ground to show that she is a bit sweaty.

He will tell her to go away, she is loose, but she will stand up, do some poses and tell him that she is not giving up, come and karate with her. She will fight back all skills she has got and slowly be able to beat him. Try not to make the fight unanimous. Focus the camera on her, try to make a lot of close up to her and her face, especially her feet. Do a lot of foot to face and scream loud kiyas (not too many, try to scream in the important moves). She will watch him fall to the ground and stand in an attack pose, her knees bending and waiting for him to stand up and fight. Show her closely in this pose from her feet to his face. Her face will be sweaty and serius. She will start to insult him in this part. She tells him it is a shame that a girl beat him in karate. He will start to attack her brainlessly. She will do a lot of foot to face in this part (similar like example.mp4). Showing him how skilled she is. At the end do a finishing kick to his face with a very loud kiya (fhinishing_01 and 02.jpg). Take his belt, while she puts her feet on his face. Then bow and tell him that she is disappointed and wants to fight a real karate challenge. She will straighten her hair and walk away in a sexy motion slowly.
Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda proves that her dojo is the best

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