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  • Little man pushes Gerda's stomach

Custom clip request 

Gerda is performing sit ups.  You show just her water bottle, that is behind her, with the lid off and on the floor as some one pours something into it.

Little man now enters and Gerda stands up.

She asks "What are you doing here?" as she goes and picks up her water bottle with the cap and takes a drink.

Little man replies "You'll find out here shortly".

Gerda almost immediately starts to feel funny and becomes very weak and wobbly on her feet. 

As she puts the cap on her water bottle she drops it because all her arms can do now is dangle.

So she doesn't fall, Little Man puts his hand on Gerda's belly and pushes her back against the wall.

Little man proceeds to push his right fist gently and deeply in and out of Gerda's soft relaxed belly.  The pushes are continuously in and out.

After a minute Little Man moves in front of Gerda and continuously pushes both fists into Gerda's belly.

After another minute Little Man alternates continuous right and lefts into Gerda's belly.

Gerda is now so weak she can barely stand so she slides down the wall onto her knees.  Little Man pushes Gerda's shoulders back until her head and shoulders are against the wall while still kneeling.

He now repeats the belly pushes in this position. 1 minute single fist, 1 minute both fists, 1 minute alternating right and left fists

Little Man now moves to the wall and puts a hand behind one of Gerda's shoulders and pushes her so that she topples and rolls to the floor onto her back.

Gerda is barely conscious due to the lack of air from all of the pushing.

Little Man now kneels next to Gerda and repeats the 3 modes of pushing, 1 minute each,  while Gerda is on her back.

As he alternates right and left belly pushes into Gerda, Gerda is out and Little Man leaves her as she sleeps peacefully.

Pushes to be on and round the belly button.

Gerda's belly is soft and relaxed and she can't tighten them because of the drug.

Pushes to be as gentle and deep as possible as Gerda pretends to take in less air as the pushing continues.

Gerda to be dressed in form fitting shorts or leggings with sports bra.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Little man pushes Gerda's stomach

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