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  • Gerda uses her karate against Little brothers

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The small man is a spy, practicing karate punching or chopping that punch bag (the one hanging from the ceiling). She is holding the pantyhose in her hand approaches him and tells him “we are about to close this place, it is around midnight, everyone must leave now”. She then says “I will be the security here overnight protecting this place against intruder”, she then stretches the pantyhose from the band to the side then up and down in front of him, tells him “time to put on the karate pantyhose clothes, everyone breaks in here will end up with broken bones”.

The karate man leaves very angry hands punched at her, but since he is the spy, will come back soon. He comes back after midnight crawling on the floor and all of the sudden sees her pantyhose big toes on the floor with two knives next to her right and left toes, stare at it (long stare) and then looks from her toes up, she got hands over waist tells him “ I was waiting for the karate blade expert to arrive any minute but didn’t know it was you all these time- the spy among us”

He now grabs the blade on the floor and attacks her, she misses, she now stretched the legs right in front of his eyes (not hitting him and just try to confuse him and blocks his view), she repeats again blocking his view. She now sees thing are getting dangerous with the blade in his hand, she now grabs the other blade on the floor, and they start blade fighting hitting each other blade for a while with karate poses (something like that).

On the final attempt she hits his blade out of his hand, throwing it on the floor, he is now disarmed, they stare at each other, she lowers herself and stretches her hand with the blade right into his stomach just like pic.4 (except she is very close to him and has the blade in her hand pushing it to his stomach with one attack like the pic.4, love that pose). She stares at him leave the blade into his stomach and let him hold it, then steps back exactly like pic 4 (no blade in her hand but do a hand pose like blade attack, just like pic.4), stays in that pose for 5-10 sec, he tries to take the blade out of his stomach but can’t and it is all the way in until he falls on the floor, eyes open. She still in pic.4 pose watching him, say “blade expert finished by another blade expert”. You can now zoom out the camera, also show from different angles if time left. You can do thing your ideas too, whatever fits the best

Scene. 2 (same as scene. 2 of her last custom with little man, he attacks with blade), dialogue will be different:

Please copy this scene from last custom scene.2 pics below, I really loved that karate chop to the neck pic.6 and then the shoulder break lowered herself just like pic.8, this time you can show some replay from both karate chop and shoulder break.

Like last custom, small guy walks to the scene, they long stare at each other different angles (big toes, bow like pic.5 or similar or like Ivy bow if you want). This time she says “you've finished few of my male agent with a blade, that’s why they send me here to contain you with karate” he says “I will finish you just like them, I am the most famous blade expert in town”, she says “not anymore”. Also do the haaaaa like last custom, liked that a lot when karate chopped him, loud haaaa, also same haaaa with shoulder break.


Will be just like scene.3 of the last custom (pics below for reference, loved those kicks to the hip and the face repeatedly) except at the end she finishes him with hands chopped like blade to his stomach as explained below:

You can do things little differently but same idea. At the end she finishes him with a heavy karate chop to the stomach (push it inside him very intense), again this time make hand chopped like a blade not like a claw (for a change). You can also do your own dialog when she meets him with her legs stretched on the table…..again you can change things around a little if you want (your ideas too)

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda uses her karate against Little brothers

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