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  • Gerda fell in love under the influence of magic gas

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Gerda is infiltrating a lab wearing the same outfit from her video: Gerda is Riding the Guy.

She is with her partner and spy played by the camera making it a point of view video.

They enter a larger room, well lit with natural light, she motions to the camera.

“How do I look?  Do you think it will be enough to distract the guards?  It is funny though; we didn’t see any guards at all when we entered.  Just be careful rookie, this place has to have a lot of traps, especially if there are no guards.”

He follows her keeping a mid-full shot from just below the knees up as she approaches a window.  She notices a bottle of perfume on the window ledge and wonders out loud “why would this be here?”

She gently sniffs the bottle and says “This smells good” , takes another smell, and gets giddy “This smells REALLY good!”  She takes another sniff without spraying it and smiles slightly at the camera running her other hand through her hair.

“I’ve never noticed how attractive you are” she says flirting with him.  She shakes her head and looks at the bottle confused.

“It’s the weirdest thing, it’s like, for a split second I couldn’t think of anyone else but you, like you were my soulmate. This is dangerous” she says but accidentally sprays the bottle.

“Oops!  Oh well, what harm could it do.” She winces but doesn’t feel anything.  “Ok, maybe I just overreacted.” 

She sniffs the bottle again, but this time it sprays her directly with a pink cloud.  She inhales deeply, feels a slight jolt, like a magic spell just hit her.  She shakes her head, blinks a lot, then looks at the camera.  She smiles wide, and starts sighing and immediately falls enchanted in love with him.  She smiles at him staring, like a schoolgirl in love.

Her arms slump as she just stares at him smiling and can’t look away. She’s so taken by him that she just drops the perfume bottle, and stands there staring at him like she’s totally enchanted in love.

He points to the bottle, and she shakes her head.

“It doesn’t matter” she says in a love struck tone.  She tries to gain composure, but a pink cloud comes up from the broken perfume bottle, she inhales deeply, jolts, feels the spell, and falls even deeper in love with him.  We pan up slowly from feet to head with her flirtily waving at him smiling and giggling.

“My mission…” she says smiling at him “it was to seduce someone” She puts her arm behind her head in a model pose “I think I was supposed to seduce you!” she says.  She starts to compliment him profusely while trying to be flirty, she attempts model poses to show off but part way through she just gets clumsy as she is so far in love that she just can’t concentrate on anything else but him.

“Ooops! The perfume bottle!”  She says flirtily, wide eyed and smiling.  “I’ll get it for you.”  She says trying to slowly bend down to pick it up, aiming to be seductive but she just can’t look away or stop giggling at him.  She asks if he finds her attractive while trying to do silly model poses.

Another pink cloud forms and she falls even deeper in love.  We pan up slowly from feet to head with her standing and smiling like she’s enchanted in love.  She starts to profess love constantly after a moment of staring.  She asks if he loves her, and just doesn’t let him answer.  She goes on about how much in love she is and says she can no longer contain it.  She pulls a chair and slides it to him motioning him to sit.

“I have to show you how much I love you” She looks at him confused but smiling (he implied says she’s under the spell of a love potion) she laughs and says “well, it does feel like I’m under a love spell” She sighs deeply and stares lovingly at him for a moment.

She raises her arms and starts to slowly dance in place, just like Lora did in the first love pheromone video, the beckoning to him, smiling constantly, like a harem dance.

She does this for a good while telling him how much she needs him, how much she loves him, and says she won’t stop until he says he loves her too.  Eventually she pulls up a chair, sits, crosses her legs and stares at him sighing and smiling. "Can I take a moment to just stare into your eyes."  She does this for a good moment not flinching.  The camera pans around her (full shot) as she just stares off at him like she's in a love trance.  He walks around her like he's checking on her, but she just smiles and sighs at him whispering "I love you."  Eventually she gets up and twirls around.

She gets impatient, and lovingly says “You know, I have a secret!”  She transforms into the supergirl outfit and giggles flirtily.  We pan up showing her flirting with him.  She begins to dance again, just like Lora did, and at some point, during her dance, another pink cloud emerges, and she inhales, falling deeper in love.  Her dance gets a little more desperate as she twirls around him, professing love.

She dances around him smiling and professing her love, at times she gets close, kisses his cheek, and goes back to dancing. 

“What do you mean back up is coming” she says, hearing him whisper.  “Let them!  They can see how much I love you!”  She twirls around him.  “Change back before they get here? Okay, fine…but I’m not done with you my love.” 

She reverts to her original outfit and continues to dance around him.  We hear a female voice as if the camera guy is on the phone with his boss.

“Don’t say anything, your voice may just make the spell stronger, it’s best to let it ride it's course.  Eventually it will wear off.  Just sit there and keep an eye on her.”

Gerda giggles at him while dancing “Of course you can’t leave, and of course I want you to watch me, and love me!  I love you soooo much!”

She twirls off camera.

“Oooh what’s this?”  The camera guy follows her to another window and she sees a tube of pink lipstick.

“Maybe if I wore make up, you’d love me more?” She looks at it “Oh, how cute!  It sparkles! No no no, you can’t stop me” she says laughing.

She puts on the lipstick, and her eyes go wide, she feels this spell, and shakes her head. She starts twirling her hair and says in a higher toned voice “Liiiiiike, I feel so weird!” she stares off with this ditzy, bimbo ish expression and says "I feel so like, dumber" while flirting with him. She gets bouncy in her movements, wide eyed, and airheaded.  She giggles, twirling her hair and bouncing on one knee.  We pan up with her doing just that.  The lipstick made her an airhead, she becomes a valley girl who isn't too smart, and tries to use her figure constantly to get his attention, while just being flirty.

She flirts and acts very airheaded, and just keeps modeling and flirting and professing her love, but in a ditzy way, twirling her hair, higher toned voice, etc.  Eventually she looks down and says “eeew, this outfit just isn’t sexy enough!”

She spins and is in a school girl type outfit, like the one Lora wore in the first pheromone video.  She says “That’s better!”  She’s in pig-tails, heels, short plaid skirt with no stockings, and smaller top. She shakes her head feeling the ditzy spell get stronger.

We pan up showing her acting flirty and love struck.

She begins to dance again like Lora did, she twirls over, and gently pushes him to sit, and places her finger over the lens like she’s telling him to hush but with a huge smile on her face.

“Just sit here and let me show you how much I love you!”  She says in a ditzy voice.

She begins to dance, she hears him (implied) tell his boss “She is beautiful” this makes her swoon even more as she starts to pose and ask him what he finds beautiful about her.  “I can tell you what I find beautiful about you!”  She names what she loves about him starting with his eyes, hair, smile, voice etc… all the while trying to model pose like she’s a pro model but just can’t stop giggling.

Another pink cloud forms, she inhales and falls deeper in love.  We pan up one last time with her looking love struck. She bluntly shows off her figure with a huge lovestruck smile, trying desperately to get his attention.

She dances for a brief moment, and then slowly leans back running her hands up the sides of her body giggling, then through her hair, then pulls his hands up and walks him out of the room, smiling and giggling.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda fell in love under the influence of magic gas

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