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Back in the apratement

The boss and his two employees, including a bodyguard, and a blonde businesswoman come back

from a deal.

The chef puts the envelope with the money in his suit.


It won't be long before I'll be at the helm of the business.

I have a ring here that makes me more powerful than you can even remotely imagine.

So it will be easy to take over the industry.

No, I will subjugate everyone else and you will make me to put your business at my feet. laughs.

The blonde businesswoman and the body look puzzled.

The boss lights the ring.

He feels overwhelming and feels the power.


It worked.


What worked?

The boss approaches him and effortlessly grabs his shoulder to lift him up.

The boss looks up to him.


grins. I will probably no longer need you now.

I don't think anyone can take care of me better than I can take care of myself.


That's enough, let him down again, he's your bodyguard.

The boss grins and lets his bodyguard down again to devote himself to her.


What are you interfering with, hey?

Did I even allow you to talk?

The boss grabs you by the shoulders and lifts you up.

The businesswoman looks frightened.


What do you think of to question my actions?

I'm the boss and I can do whatever I want.

The businesswoman can see his ring. She uses a moment of the boss's carelessness and pulls his ring

off to put it on herself.

At this moment the boss loses his strength and the clerk slowly begins to sink to the floor.

The businesswoman what exactly what happens and grins.

She is now getting the powers of the ring.

When she touches her feet on the ground, she grabs your boss by the shoulder and begins to lift him

into the air.

The boss can't believe what's happening. You, of all people, receive these powers.

The bodyguard looks puzzled.


Grins. How the situation has changed.

The businesswoman now only uses one hand and grins.

The bodyguard comes to the aid of his boss and tries to loosen your grip.

While he tries in vain to release your grip, she uses your other hand to grab him and lift him up.

She is besotted with her power as she holds them both up in the air.


So what do I do with you guys now?

She lets them both down again and they fall to the floor.

She is now standing in front of you with her hands on her hips.

Outfit Change

Next, flex both of your upper arms in a victory pose.

She uses her super speed and takes a crowbar from the side.

She flexes it as per your whim.


I have to be stronger than anyone.

I feel like I can lift a horse. Or 10 horses. Or a car. Or a train.

She gets closer to the two of them, who just look at each other in fear.


I'm the boss now and have to say that. So give me the money right now.


No way. This is my money and you stupid .....

Before he can finish the sentence, she uses your super speed and takes the money from him from his

suit. She stands behind Him now.

He turns around and is scared.


I don't think you know who you're talking to yet. I can just take what I want. But you will learn to follow my

commands very soon.

The bodyguard is now also on his feet and tries to escape.

Shortly before the exit, she uses her super speed to intercept him.


Did i allow you to go?

She runs dominantly towards him with her hands on her hips. He backs away from her with slow


Pushed into the corner, the bodyguard kneels in front of her with his hands behind his head and begs

him to surrender to her.

She grins thoughtfully and looks at the boss, who knows exactly what this gesture means.

She turns back to the boss.


So, you just wanted to insult me? Is that right?


No ... stutter ... I would never do that.

She walks over to him dominantly with her hands on her hips.


I do not believe you. Let me show you where your new place is

She lifts him up with one hand on the collar and grins.

She walks slowly with him with a walking lift through the room - you can see her feet dangling and

she hangs him on the coat hook on the side.

She grins up at him, he looks down at her in shock.


Now things don't depend on you anymore. Laughs. I like you there.

Now thank you politely that you can stay alive and that I don't tear you to pieces.


Thank you..Thank you, thank you very much.


Two masked men (actor 1 + 2 as before) enter the room. You have firearms in your hands. You're

from a different cartel.

The businesswoman is sitting comfortably on the couch. The boss 1 kneels in front of her so that you

can put your feet on his back.

The bodyguard kneels next to it with his hands behind his head.

The two masked men look puzzled and don't know what to think of it.

Commentary:"Unfortunately, the short scene has to be cut so that there are apparently 4 people in

the room, but there are only 2 actors"


Who the hell are you and what do you think of breaking into my domicile?

masked man

We are here to get his money on our boss's behalf. Why is your boss kneeling on the floor?


laughs. Isn't that obvious? He's no longer the boss. I am now

The two masked men look puzzled.

masked man

Listen to Blondi. Don't lie to us, or we will silence you with our weapons. Do you understand that?

The businesswoman grins.


Is that so? What do you think of keeping my boss company on the floor?

I still need someone to paint my nails. grins.

Do you do this voluntarily or do I have to make you to do it?

The masked men look at each other again.

The businesswoman uses your super speed and is now behind you.

Commentary:"Scene with 4 people ends now"

You both turn around in astonishment and are frightened.

The next moment she uses her super speed and stands behind you again.

Again both turn around speechless.

She grins.

masked man

How did you do that?


grins. Because for me there is nothing easier than that.

Both masked men start shooting.

The bullet ricochets harmlessly from her.

After a while she catches 3 balls with one hand.

She lies it in your hand and pales on it.

One by one you meet one of the masked men until he is on the floor.

She grins.

The second man looks puzzled and doesn't know what to do.

She grins.


I don't think you need your weapon anymore.

With her super speed she takes his weapon from him and breaks it like a toy.

The man try to escape.

She uses your super speed and is at the door.

She runs dominantly towards him with her hands on her hips.

He backs away from her with slow steps.

She grabs him by the neck and lifts him up.


I told you don't mess with me. You didn't want to hear.

Now tell me who is your boss He should bring me his money. laughs.

masked man

I'll call him ... please. Let me down ... I'll do whatever you want.

She lets him down, orders him to call his boss and bring money with him.


The boss 2 of the other cartel enters the room with money in hand.

Only his masked employee is still on site. He kneels in front of the businesswoman. She is sitting on

the couch with her feet on his back.

The boss doesn't know what's going on.

Boss 2

What the fuck. What are you doing?


grins. He accepted me as his new boss as quickly as I thought.

By the way, I now decide that I'm your new boss too. Grins.

Boss 2

Listen, bitch. I don't know who you are, but you have no idea who you are dealing with.



The next moment, she's using her super speed and standing behind him.

He turns around, puzzled.

Boss 2

What the fuck? I'll show you

He reaches for his weapon and aims at you.

The businesswoman grins and uses her heat beam to vaporize the weapon.


grins. The weapon wouldn't have done anything anyway.

Boss 2 attacks you with his fists.

She uses her super speed to avoid the blows.


For a boss, you're really slow as a snail.

Let me show me how I can do it.

With her super speed she starts to slap him faster than he can see.

After a while he falls to the ground.

She stands with her hands dominantly on her hips in front of him.


Let me show you who you are dealing with

She grabs him by the neck and lifts him up.


I think you've now got a little taste of who I am and what I am capable of.

She walks through the room with him on a walking lift. You can see your feet dangling.


I have no more use for you. I already have slaves and soon more than I can count. laughs.

She breaks his neck.

Satisfied, she then resumes her position on the couch with her feet on the back of the masked employee.


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Goddess Gerda gets all what she wants

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