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  • Gerda shows her total supremacy to Kyle

Custom clip request 

Hereby the new custom request for you. It will be very nice if you can make a video with Gerda against a strong looking male;I prefer Kyle (because he's looking a little bit like the world kickboxing champion), but another guy is also okay as long as he is looking very fit and muscular. I want to see a video where Gerda will meet the kickboxing champion, who thinks he's strongest person of the world. But although he has proved he is the strongest man in the ring, this is without calculating the extreme power of women! This video will be with 3 scenes. Part 1: Armwrestling and test of strength. Part 2: Wrestling beatdown and humiliation. Part 3: The kickboxing (or MMA) fight in the 'ring'.

Location: The room you mostly use for fights and where is something like a ring.

Lenght: 30 minutes

Outfits: Gerda part 1: She's wearing white sporty shoes, a pantyhose, black skirt like in the picture 'Gerda5' on your website and a white sports bra. Gerda part 2: Exactly the outfit she wears at 'Gerda is riding the guy' (white sporty shoes, denim skirt and a white top). With only the start/intro of this scene little bit different (see the script for more details). Gerda part 3: I'm thinking about something special, just to impress her opponent right from the start of the fight in this part. Maybe she can wear the black leather outfit she wears during the video 'Gerda destroys her ex-boyfriend many times? But this time without the heels, she has to be barefooted for this fight!Her attitude has to be confident and mostly she's behaving like the lovely girl she is, but sometimes in combination with the cruel and ruthless 'badass chick' which she also can be.

Guy part 1: Looking sturdy and macho. For example a outfit with sporty short and sleeveless shirt. Guy part 2: Also sporty, but this time without shirt, so bare chest. He wears sporty shoes. Guy part 3: A kickboxing outfit, with gloves and just like Gerda barefooted.

Scene 1 (length I think about 8 minutes): The guy (I will call him Kyle, but it's not a problem if the male actor will be another guy as long as he is looking fit and strong) is the reigning world kickboxing champion and is practising in the gym. He's looking for some new talent to practise with and train them to make them just as good like he is and made an invitation for everyone to join his new club. Then Gerda joins the building. She reads his invitation and wants to join his club. He's mocking her when he sees her and hears this, mocking that the only job he can offer her is 'cleaning his clothes'. This angers Gerda, who didn't like those arrogant and cocky behaviour. She thinks she deserves a fair chance and offers a armwrestling match to show him she can compete with men. Kyle is laughing about this, warning her that he could break her arms with this. She is not impressed of those macho talking, so the armwrestling match will be there.

The armwrestling: Please use a solid table for this. I've seen lots of great f vs m armwrestling battles at your website, some of them almost impossible to improve. But I like to ask if you can make this match even more extreme in terms of 'Girl Power'. Gerda proves to be far too strong for the guy and beats him several times in different ways (it's up to you how she does this, but it has to be very humiliating and the strength difference between the two has to be extremely in her favor). It has to look like Kyle is trying to make a real battle of it, you can see he's giving everything he's got, see him sweat heavily, you can hear him grown and suffer, and you can hear and see his muscles shaking heavily during the battles. Gerda is just enjoying this battles, because she's physically superior to him. Also mocking him during the matches, doubting his strength and confronting him with female power. It will be great if you can give her supremacy something extra. For example that she is smashing his arms down very hard to the table, Kyle can lose his balance and falls on the floor while she's ramming his arm down the table and/or that there will be a crack on the table because of the power with which she's smashing his arm down or other effects of her extreme strength. You can use all your fantasy here. But generally Gerda is completely overpowering Kyle, almost breaking his arms.

After she destroyes him badly with the armwrestling, Kyle is looking for all sorts of excuses. Much to the annoying of Gerda, who offers him a second chance with a Test of Strength/Game of Mercy. This battle will be also very one-sided with a superior Gerda and a suffering guy. Gerda is letting him struggle before finishing him till he promises that she has the place at his club. Finally he's no other choice to accept this. Gerda finishes him and is going home happy, leaving him bewildered.

Scene 2 (10 – 12 minutes): This scene starts with Gerda practising in the gym. For example with some weights or witch a bunching bag/ball (for preference the second option). Kyle enters the gym and is not happy. Although he has promised Gerda the place at his club earlier, he changed his mind. He walks through her and demands her to leave 'his' club because he changed the rules in a 'male only club'. This angers Gerda, who then is hitting the punching bag/ball extremely hard. If possible this has to be that hard that it's flying out of the bracket/hook and is landing a few meters further (if necessary you can use some edit trickery or special effects for this). (You can say the shocked face of Kyle when he sees this, but he will not show this too long because of his ego). (For only this part, so the part she's hitting the punching bag she's wearing boxing gloves. She has to remove them when they start wrestling)She says she isn't going to leave because she proved she's a more than worthy member of the team. Kyle repeats that she still has to leave, because this is male territory. Gerda now shouts to him that, after what happened yesterday, he's just scared for her/girls. He ignores this suggestion and, because she isn't leaving, tries to attack her to remove her from the gym hard-handed. But, she's blocking/countering his attack easily and putting him in a very strong and extremely tight lock which is making him suffer heavily. From this point she decides to teach him a painful and humiliating lesson. Which follows is about 10 minutes of wrestling, which will be a demonstration of Girl Power. Kyle is now very frustrated and is trying to attack her several times, but all his attempts (which will be more and more desperate during this scene) will fail miserabely. Gerda also is mockingly encouraging him sometimes to show what he is able to, but blocks, avoids and counters all his attempts while she's producing very impressive wrestling action by herself. All her holds, throws, hits, etc has to be huge impact and she's putting him in very much extremely painfull and embarrassing positions. It will be great (but I understand if this might be difficult to do) if she can humiliate and destroy him with moves like the males where using by beating her and Lillian in those two previous videos (Wrestling match. Gerda vs Sven http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1089 and Wrestling Match. Lillian vs Brain. http://heels4kicks.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1009&search=lillian+brain). So this time those action performed by Gerda, with the male as hér victim. Maybe not all of this action is possible to perform. But it will be great if she can use as much as possible of this action. If she can not perform everything, she can use some other wrestling action (please let her do the most painfull and humiliating locks, holds, throws, etc) she's able to perform. Other action she can use is for example a very tight standing headlock, swinging him around so that he's crushing against walls or turnbuckles and some action where she's twisting and crushing his arms and muscles and/or is squeezing his body roughly. In this scene she can also use some over the shoulder judo throw (like in 'Gerda is riding the guy) and she's also showing her impressive strength by lifting him one-handed in the air, with his feet helplessy dangling. But this are all just suggestions, other similar strong, painfull and extremely humiliating wrestling action could also be okay.She has to be ruthless, not giving Kyle any breaks or time to recover. He's under constant pressure and the action has to be fast paced. During the action she's also humiliating him verbally, showing him how much stronger she is. During this scene he's losing his usual confidence and in the end he's begging for mercy. The scene ends with Gerda having him helpless in a very tight and humiliating hold or lock, with him screaming for mercy. While she still has him stuck in her hold/lock, she says to him that she will let him go as long as he will accept her proposal to fight things out in the kickboxing ring tomorrow. If he wins she will never bother him in his club, but of she wins this club will be a 'Girls only club' and HE has to leave the club. She's advicing him to practise the whole night, because tomorrow she will not show any mercy any more.

Scene 3 (10 – 12 minutes) (please include some small number of short POV-shots during the action to make the beatdown look more impressive). This scene begins with Kyle practising fanatic. He is very motivated, because he knows this match vs Gerda is a match where he can not afford defeat. Gerda then joins him, asking him if he's ready. He says he is, wondering why Gerda isn't wearing kickboxing gloves. She's just smiling, saying she doesn't need them against such a weak opponent. Kyle thinks this will be easy now, but will be totaly wrong! The fight starts. I will leave the exact action up to you, but also this match Gerda will show she's way more skilled and much stronger than her opponent. She's ruthless, producing very fast-paced action and never giving Kyle any time to recover. All her hits, kicks, beeches, etc have huge impact! (think about some of the action at the movie 'Stomach resistance competition. Sasha vs Ivy') She's also producing barrages of attacks sometimes. But, it has to look like a real match (but with Gerda as the much stronger power). So, in the beginning Kyle is trying to hit her (maybe he sometimes even hit her, but she's isn't impressed and it does like she even didn't feel it). The first few minutes he's also fit enough to defend himself somewhat of the overwhelming action Gerda is producing, but almost directly he's pushing deep into the defensive almost the complete match. Sometimes he's already staggering a little bit, but in the beginning he can avoid to be beeched or slammed through the floor. But he's already under huge pressure. During the fight his problems are becoming bigger and bigger and from then he will not only be staggering many times, he's also going down several times because of the power Gerda produces. She's hitting and ramming him through the whole ring, letting him also crash against turnbuckles and also make him stuck into corners while he's receiving barrages of punches against his head and stomach. His defence is getting weaker, because he's getting exhausted. You can see his body is getting battered heavily. I like the action which you can see in the attached GIF, so it will be great if something like this will be in the video aswell.I also like to see that at some point she's hitting him that much hard in the stomach repeatedly that he's getting to vomit. As a bonus (but if this isn't possible it is not a problem) she maybe could be hitting that hard that he's flying (or that it looks like that he does that) through the air and crashing against walls or turnbuckles.

After being at the receiving end of a horrible and embarrassing beatdown about ten minutes the totally exhausted Kyle, his body heavily damaged, his eyes are black and blue, is barely able to stand on his feet. But his pride makes that he refuses the quit by himself (despite Gerda sometimes is offering him just to admit defeat), so Gerda has no other choice to knock him in spectacular style with some last series of repeated barrages of very extreme and rough attacks. She finishes him with a final, extremely hard uppercut and after this picking him up, carrying him out of the gym, which from this point will be a 'Girls only gym'

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda shows her total supremacy to Kyle

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