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  • Gerda and the pervert

Introduction. 1 minute. Introduction is close but it could be flexible, the important thing is a man "chasing" Gerda the way you prefer, you could be creative if you want (POV of Gerda where you want), the man just enjoying the view until the end where she kicks or maybe better hit with the hand in the face with karate style (i think its better she uses hands here too finalizing with a kick). Short jeans and gym shoes. 

1. Similar to the stairs scene in Sasha and the bandit. Gerda wearing black bikini (like the one in agent cobra interrogates Gerda). High heels (not too high).  Hands handcuffed in the back.They go up in the stairs, captor just behind her. Sometimes she moves slowly, look back, moves hair in sexy way (they dont stop) so he grabs her arm like trying to move faster. She looks sexy, smile. Of course the captor is also enjoying the view, some close views of legs, hands. Again she moves slow and look back, he is getting excited and try to touch her ass while climbing the stairs, this time she moves faster to avoid it (just 2-3 steps) and moves slow again "haha dont touch me". They dont stop. He could try again and she playfully dont let him to do it. Finally he grabs her again, she resists a bit more, he tries to pull her. She takes the opportunity with that struggle to take the keys from his pocket (or directly from his hand, belt, etc) and kick him, just to separate. "Thanks for the keys!"

"Give me them bitch!" She using her flexibility avoid to get caught 3, 4 times and finally kicks him very hard in different ways. She gets free using the keys and a final karate hit with her hand "remember"? "Bye bye loser".

2. Gerda is tied with hands above, feet also tied similar to agent cobra interrogates Gerda. Tight black catsuit (agent gerda deals with gang) no underwear in the top with boots or high heels (not too high). I would like it in a small room with some forniture (trying to look realistic but its not a must). "You dont want to know what im going to do with you" gerda: "you dont learn, do you?"Close views of her, front, behind... she is not worried at all. He gets closer, start unzipping the catsuit little by little (until you/gerda feel comfortable). "Thats all?" he moves right behind her and hug her in the waist but she moves quickly and hit him with head and then moves using her ass to separate. "Haha bitch" he bends, admiring her legs/ass from behind touching her "you know who is the boss", this time she lets him a bit until his head is close to her legs. Then she scissors him very very hard, he struggles to get free, she puts the ties in the feet around his neck and choke him so he is getting dizzy and needs to untie her (the feet). Finally untie her and he could get free crawling on the ground. He stands up kind of dizzy. Gerda "ok boss, what will you touch next?" "Im waiting" smiling looking to the open zip. He tries to hit her but she moves quickly, use flexibility to avoid it playfully, kick him sometimes now the legs are free (not hard, just enjoying to separate from him). He is mad "i will finish you!" Take a blade and go to her, She grabs her ties, go up a bit and throws a hard kick to the face. The blade fall, he tries to grab her neck, she kicks him with knee between legs, he falls so she scissor him again (this time in the front). He is totally confused, try to stand up (what she wants), he stands up with her legs around his neck gerda: i told you, i told you!". She takes the opportunity to untie hands and jump. She zip up and last hit with karate move with hand. He falls totally destroyed.

3. Small room (if possible) with bed, some furniture, not too bright (if possible). Gerda with hands handcuffed in the back, feet tied, something covering her mouth (not bondage, just covering) sit in a chair. Secretary outfit, tight white shirt, dark skirt, black stockings, high heels (not too high), dark glasses, dark jacket. Man talking by phone. "Yes, she is here, i wait for you".

To gerda: "How do you feel? Mafia is coming for you :)"

She moans sexy and move her legs, open and close her legs very slowly like seducing him, close views. He gets close to her, this time being cautious.

He moves around the chair (some POV here). She look at him directly to his eyes, moaning (POV and "standar" action). "I know all your tricks bitch" but she looks very sexy and finally he starts touching her leg. She then get loose of her high heels. She quickly kicks very hard between his legs, 2-3 times very hard, then kicks him in the face. He loses balance and fall to the ground. She could kick in his ankles to "help" him to fall. Then she moves and jumps over the man (i mean like falling to the ground but over him). He is in pain, she starts crawling to the door, he tries to grab her by her legs but she avoid it playfully and kicks him again (maybe some POV) .She could try to stand and going to the door with little jumps. Tries to open the door but he stands. *the general idea she tries to leave the room in a sexy way. She couldnt open the door. Now he stands in front of her (kind of tired). "You will pay for it bitch" grab her from behind. She uses her hands to drop his pants again, hit him with the head and moves her body to hit him with the ass. He loses balance again and fall to the ground. Again she falls over him, this time moves quickly to kick him, uses flexibility to avoid him in the ground, finally kick in the face and scissor him with her thighs. She puts all her energy in the scissors, maybe the only way to beat him  he desesperatly try to escape the scissor because he is getting dizzy. She squeezes until finally he loses consciousness. She looks for the keys in his pants (or other place you want) get loose of everything and escape.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda and the pervert

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