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  • Gerda got the mission to destroy karate master Ivy

Custom clip request 

Can I have another customs for Gerda and Ivy. Below is the script. For any filler of time, just use high kicks and gymnastic type moves. Little to no punches, please.

Ivy - same outfit as Rhea have in “Rob interrupts Rhea's Yoga”. Include low black socks.

Gerda - can she wear the red karate top from “Ivy unchained”, black leggings like Ivy and low red (similar color to top) or black socks. Also can she have her hair in ponytail on both side (“pigtails”).

Ivy (“R”) and Gerda (“G”)

G is an undercover agent sent to take out R. R is teaching G martial arts, G is not very good at following along. They are at the heavy weight bag and R shows her how to do a few kicks, and G does it, but not very well. R says let’s take a break walks away frustrated. When R walks away, G’s phone rings. She answer it “hello, yes Melanie I know the plan, she doesn’t walk out of her”. She hangs up and smiles and does s series of really good high kicks to the bag, then finishes it with a split punch to the bag and “says she will never expect any of this” and laughs.

R walks back in and says “let’s try some agility training. Try and do this”. R does 2 cartwheels away from G. Stops and says you try. G does the first 1 sloppily and R comes over to help and as she gets closer, G then does the second cartwheel perfectly and does a cartwheel kick to R with both feet one after another to R face knocking her down G standing down at her. G says sorry about that and R says it is ok. R says let’s try some stretches for high kicks. She slides into a split, with G standing infront of her and leans left to right. She tells G to do it, but G does a split forward and slips her foot right into R ( should look like a “T”). R bends over in pain and G apologizes again. R gets up and G (still in split) begins to do high axe kicks. She tells G to get up and try. G gets up tries to do them but they are not very high. G says this is stupid and turns her back to R. R walks over angry and says stop playing around let’s go and puts her arms around her from the back. G smiles and says ok, but remember you asked for it. She then does a high kick over her should to R head. R breaks the old and is stunned. G then does a round kick to her mid section ( this should be a POV shot) and R goes to the ground and G holds her leg out.

R looks up at G, who is now stretching her leg on the wall and is a over her head. R says what is going on, your not who you say you are. G says no am not, I was sent here to take you out and that is what I plan to do. R still on the ground, says will see about that and rolls forward towards G and does a split under her stretching her leg on the wall and does 2 or 3 punches.  G bends over in pain. R gets up and says your going to pay for this and walks towards her. G (still bent over) sees her coming and puts her head next to R hip and does 3 high scorpion kicks to R head. R steps back and G does a series of jumping kicks to her (some POV) mixed in. R is knocked down, and G says this was easier than I thought and looks like this is over. With R on her knees looking up, G starts to bounce side to side and says “your done” and lifts her high and holds it in the air and drops it towards R with a loud kiya. As it comes down on R, she blocks it with her arms in an “x” and catches it. She starts to stand back up and while she is doing it also raises G leg up and push her back to a wall. G now back on wall and leg as high as possible, with R staring at her. R then does hair whip to G face, and does series of high kicks and jump kicks to her.  G tries to walk away, but R grabs her and spins her around. G throws a punch as she spins, but R ducks and puts her head on G hip and does high scorpion kick to G. R follows it up with a high axe kick that connects under G chin and as she follows through she holds her leg high in the air while G Falls to the ground. She holds it for a few seconds looking at G smiling. R then picks G up and stands her infront of the heavy weight bag. She says stay right here, I will be back. And she turns and does and few cartwheels away from G. The first cartwheel away from her, she actually connects with a kick. She does about 4 or 5 away (good distance between her and G leaning on the bag). R gets a running start at G and does a flying Kick, G rolls off the bag and R connects with the bag. G standing next to R. Kicks her low, middle, high and then to the back of her head, driving her face into the bag (her foot does not come down until the last kick). G steps back and R turns around and moves towards her, G drops into split and goes to punch her, but R steps back to avoid it. R then goes to do roundhouse kick to her face, but G (still in split) lies forward to avoid it. R spins around and G is able to land the punch. R bent over infront of G (still in split). G lifts her face up by the chin and says “your done”.  G gets up, while R is still bent over. G swings her leg back as high as possible and hit R in the face (this kick is like the one from the most recent Melanie/Gerda video. They both do it leaning on the wall) G is now holding her leg in the back as high as possible (like she did in the first custom) then let’s it do to the back of R head, pushing her into the ground. With R laying on the ground, G does a cartwheel away from her. She then turns and runs towards her and slides into a split hitting R in the neck (insert neck break sound here). She then stand up and starts to show with high kicks (it should be similar to the first couple minutes of Melanie/Gerda video training an agent, but Also include some gymnastics in there if possible). Her phone rings and she goes to get it and answers it. “Yes Melanie it is done” she responds walking over to R. “Yes, am sure, I will send pictures”. She hangs up and does a split next to R and takes pictures. Scene ends with her in a split sending the pictures smiling.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda got the mission to destroy karate master Ivy

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