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  • Gerda's flexibility is her power. POV

Custom clip request 

Can I please have a custom for Gerda in a POV fight. Can you do 10-12 minutes for $150. Outfit is:

Any shirt, jeans and socks (just not white or black) hair up.

Am not going to write anything out, just going to list specifics to include in the clip, which are as follows:

1. Splits

2. Split punch’s

3. Jump kick

4. Scorpion kick

5. Axe kick

6, Cartwheel

7. Cartwheel kicks

8. Roundhouse kicks

9. Kick over should to head

10. Leg hold in air before kick

11. Leap split kick

12. Multiple high kick combination

13. Handstand

14. Leg stretch

Any gymnastic, flexible style move or aspect she can do not listed above feel free to add. The scenes should be looking at her, so if she does a split the camera should follow. Also with respect to the kicks at camera she should hold them a few seconds and when about to strike she should bounce side to side. If you think a prop (ie, table etc) is needed ok.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda's flexibility is her power. POV

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