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  • Gerda was made to join a fight club

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Outline: Gerda is an independent fighter. She is targeted to make her to participate in an underground fight tournament. To make her comply, she is punished with stomach punching.

Stars: Gerda and two thugs.

Clothing: Gerda is dressed like a street warrior: fatigue or comfortable pants and comfortable shoes. On top she wears a sport bra and a light jacket or loose open shirt. Under the jacket / shirt, her stomach is fully visible, from lower belly to ribcage. Her hair is loose. The clothing of the thugs is unimportant, and they can wear masks if they prefer to.

Punches: All punches go to Gerda’s upper stomach (above her navel and below her ribcage). Punches make actual contact with Gerda’s body (not hurting her, of course).

Reactions: Gerda’s reactions are the most important part of the acting. She does not scream, whimper, moan or cry. She mostly grunts, gasps and groans. When she is exhausted, she sighs and exhales. It would be great if she tries some “ooffs” (air accumulating in the cheeks, then puffing out) like Linda.

Camera: Camera is moving, and stays close to the action at all times, making close-ups of Gerda’s stomach, the punches and Gerda’s faces, from as many angles and positions as possible.

Language: Russian, with English subtitles.

Part 1 (around 3’)

The video fades in Gerda outdoor, in a city street or country road, hiding from somebody following her. She is wearing her jacket or loose open shirt. After waiting for a few seconds, she goes out of her hiding place, convinced she outsmarted her followers.

But she finds herself surrounded by two guys. One of the guys says “Hello Gerda. You know what we want you for”. She answers “How do you know my name? I will never join your club”. The guy says “We know where you hide”. Gerda replies “Come get me”. She tries to fight her way out, and for a moment she is able to hold the guys in check, mostly with her awesome kicking techniques. But one of the guys is able to hit her with a bat or billy club, making her hesitate, while the other punches her in the stomach, making her go down to her knees, winded (camera makes a close-up of her in the ground, panting).

The punching guy says “We also know your belly is your main weakness. Hold her for me”. Gerda replies “My stomach is stronger than your balls”. He rises up and kicks the guy in his crotch. But the other guy gets Gerda from the back, and holds her. The first guy recovers from the kick and punches Gerda in her upper stomach. Gerda doubles over, stunned. The guy straightens her up and punches her again. Gerda winces. We can see she has difficulty to take stomach punches (camera takes Gerda’s torso and face). The guy straightens her up again by her hair and punches her again, this time with the bat or billy club. Gerda loses strength, they let her go, and she goes to the floor on her knees, grabbing her stomach with both of her arms. The leading guy says to the other “let’s take her to the car”. Camera fades out in Gerda’s winded face.

Part 2 (around 3’)

Camera fades in a car parked in a lonely place. As they approach to it, Gerda regains strength, frees herself from her captor and strikes the other one with a mighty kick. But, as she tries to run away, the guy in the ground catches her foot and makes her fall on her fours. The other guy kicks her in the stomach, making her rise an inch and fall on her side, grabbing her midsection. The guys grab Gerda, straighten her up and push her to the side of the car (camera takes Gerda’s torso and face). Gerda has trouble to regain her breath “let… me… go…”. “You are not a fast learner” says one of the guys, and puncher her in the stomach. The other guy follows with another stomach punch.

“Will you come easy, or we go on?” asks one guy. “Fuck you” replies Gerda. “All right, let’s see how much you got”. The guys push Gerda to lie her back flat on the car’s front or back trunk. Each of the guys holds one of her arms above her head, so that her midsection is fully stretched. Then they start smashing her stomach with punches (camera takes the scene from above Gerda, then from the other side of the car). We can see Gerda gradually lose strength, until she seems to be at the mercy of the guys. The leading guy says “you drive, I’ll get on with this”. They make Gerda turn around, cuff her hands in her back and make her to get in the car. Camera fades in the car leaving the place.

Part 3 (around 3’)

Camera fades in the car’s driver’s mirror, through which we see Gerda in the back seat of the car, the leading guy sitting by her side, punching her in the stomach, over and over. The punches come with 3-4 seconds pauses, on purpose to make her last. The continuous punches make her slump forward, her hair covering her face. After half a dozen punches, the guy makes Gerda to straighten up and to lie her back against the seat. He continues the punching, making Gerda wince and groan, as she does her best to contain the impacts with her trained abs. Gerda’s neck rests against the back of the seat, lolling from side to side, eyes closed (camera makes close-ups of Gerda’s stomach being punched and her face wincing).

The guy driving says “You should let her catch her breath…”. The punching guys replies “Not until our friend here agrees to join our club…”. Gerda manages to say “fuck… you…”. “Well” says the guys “you are the one that looks fucked right now” and resumes the punching. Camera takes the scene from as many angles and positions as possible. After a while we can see Gerda’s resistance fading away, her head resting on the seat, eyes closed, wincing with each punch. Camera fades out on her face.

Part 4 (around 3’)

The video fades in Gerda standing, shirt/jacket gone, back against the wall, arms spread and hands tied in crucified position. She seems to be out, her head hanging on her chest. The two thugs approach her. “The stomach punching did the trick, she is still out”. The other guy says “Anyone would be out after such punching… She actually is very strong”. “We shall see if she wants us to stop”. He approaches a small flask to her nose, which makes Gerda to wake up.

“Hello Gerda. Ready to sign in for the club? We have the paperwork ready”. Gerda makes an effort and spits on the guy. “Ok, if that is what you want. We’ll take it easy, to help you think”. He pushes his knuckles against her stomach, she winces a bit. “Now that your abs are tired, let’s see if you can stop our punches from entering your stomach”. The leading makes a sign to the other, nodding his head. They start driving uppercuts into her stomach right, one of the guys at the time, giving her 2-3 seconds between punches. Camera takes the punching from below, at about Gerda’s knee height. Then toggles to Gerda’s torso and face seen from the front.

Gerda’s full body is tensed, trying to contain the punching as much as she can, the groaning showing her efforts. The leading guys goes “You are strong, I give you that. Let’s try a bit faster”. And they rise the pace of the punching. The beating starts to take toll in Gerda’s body. Gerda starts to lose composure and show signs of exhaustion. After a while her legs stop holding, and she seems to fully hang from the ropes. Camera toggles from her stomach to her face.

The leading guy stops and says “Ready to sign in?”. Gerda takes a second to cough, breathe in, and say “Fuck… you…”. The guy goes “Really strong, we absolutely want you in our team. Let me try the very pit of your stomach” and he starts driving uppercuts below her ribcage. Gerda looks up, stunned, unable to breathe. As the punching continues, her eyes slowly close, and she slumps forward, losing control of her body, her mouth open forming an “O”, a small trickle of water falling from her lips. Camera fades out on Gerda’s face softly exhaling.

Part 5 (around 3’)

The camera fades in Gerda lying down on a mat, flat on her back. Each of the guys is holding one of her arms, so that her body is wide open. The camera is placed above Gerda’s head. The leading guy says “We are enjoying exercising with you, but we need to finish our job”. Gerda speaks with some difficulty “I told you… my stomach is resistant…”. “Yes, I give you that” he says, and places his hand on her stomach. She slightly winces. “But you won’t last too long…”. “We will see” she says.

“All right” says the guy. He nods his head to the other one, and they start punching her again, one at the time. Gerda’s body has no more strength, so her stomach absorbs the punches with no more resistant. She starts gasping and grunting, but as her body gradually gives in, she can only groan, producing weaker and weaker and weaker sounds. Then she can only exhale the air from her body, producing softer and softer sounds. The camera toggles above Gerda’s body toward her feet, always focusing on the punching.

When she seems almost out the guys stop. “So… is your stomach ready? A small trickle of water is coming out of Gerda’s mouth. She coughs. She says “all right… I… submit…”. The guy says “Oh, that’s a good idea. But now we will finish you off, and you can sign in when you wake up”. Gerda says “stop… I can’t take any more…”. But the guys resume the punching. The camera takes Gerda from her side, placed at floor height. Although Gerda is exhausted, the process goes again from gasping and grunting, to groaning and then to exhaling. In the end Gerda’s eyes are shut, only wincing with each punch. The camera toggles to take Gerda from above, torso always visible. The guys let her go, and the camera fades in Gerda’s body flat in the floor, with a couple of close-ups of her belly and face.

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Gerda was made to join a fight club

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