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  • Gerda demonstrates her flexibility to Melanie

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Melanie: yoga pants, top, black socks and hair just like last time.

Gerda: two outfits. Underneath, yoga pants, top, black socks. Over that sweatpants and wearing sneakers.

Melanie practicing kicks. High kick, jump kick. Gerda walks in and says, it is her time now and she needs to leave. Melanie turns around and faces her and stares at her and grabs her leg and holds it as high as she can. Looks at Gerda says, no it isn’t. Gerda says, impressive, but Your time is up and I can do better than that. Melanie puts her leg done and says really, you can. Doubt it, but I have better things to do.  Gerda says, that’s right just get out here. Melanie, still facing her, rolls her eyes, then quickly does a spin kick to her stomach knocking her back to the floor (the kick should also be a POV kick) Melanie standing in a fighting position says, I can make time for this.

Gerda, on the ground on her knees, holding her stomach looking at Melanie. You are going to wish you never did that. She stands up, and takes off sneakers and sweat pants, to just have black socks, yoga pants, and top. She also while talking, puts her hair in a pony tail. Now both in a fighting position.

Gerda and Melanie trade high kicks and finally Gerda kicks Melanie to the wall. Gerda does a cartwheel towards Melanie and grabs her by the neck and says “this is only the beginning”. Melanie smiles and takes her leg and puts it over Gerda’s arm that is extend and holding her neck and pushes it down to break hold. With Gerda bent over, Melanie does jump kick and stands Gerda up. Melanie then does the kick where she puts her leg on Gerda’s back of her head (while she is standing) and pushes her down to ground.

Melanie now, standing in front of Gerda as she lays face down on may “says you know, you can fight back”. Gerda now on all four and looking at Melanie. Melanie steps back and does to kick her in the face, but Gerda blocks it and pops up and does a jump kick to Melanie. Melanie steps back and holds her head, and Gerda says “your not ready for this.” She then does an axe kick to Melanie head. Then another series of high kicks. Melanie is stunned. Melanie does a high kick, but Gerda blocks it. With Melanie standing Gerda then grabs Melanie waist bends over and puts her head on Melanie waist. Looks up and says “ here comes some more pain for you” and the does some high scorpion kicks to her head. Melanie stumbled back only wall. She then goes to punch Gerda, but Gerda blocks it by putting her foot on her arm and pinning it to the wall. Foot should be same height as head.

Gerda smiling, takes foot off arm and does side kick to Melanie forehead (POV shot here) and the holds it. Gerda then does a flips to back away for Melanie and is standing at her and teases her to come at her. Melanie, frustrated, shakes it off and does a few kicks to show off, which Gerda laughs at. Melanie says she will pay for laughing and moves/runs towards here, but as she gets closer, Gerda does a middle split infront of her and punched her in the stomach. Melanie bent over and Gerda sitting grabs leg and raised it high and drops the kick on the back of Melanie head and drives her into the ground, face first. Gerda gets up and Melanie rolls over to have her back on floor looking at ceiling. Gerda standing behind Melanie head looking down at her. She waves playful at her and then turns the wave into a fist and lines it up with forehead. Gerda then jumps in the air (doesn’t need to be high) and then comes down into a split and landing the punch to Melanie forehead.

Melanie gets up, while Gerda still In split, and says, you think your so flexible, I can do that better and does a split infront of her. They fight each other in splits and Gerda eventually hits Melanie and makes her dazed. Gerda gets up and walks behind Melanie, still in split, and says yea that is not very good and from behind her does a split behind Melanie and says let me help you and proceeds to grab Melanie, legs and pushes them back streching her out, while Melanie is in pain.

Gerda gets up and Melanie is sitting in pain. Gerda puts her foot under her chin and lifts her and pushes her to a wall.  Gerda walks over and puts her leg between Melanie’s eyes and foot over her head and they are staring at each other and Gerda says, want to make sure am good and stretched before I starting kicking you in the face. Melanie goes to punch her, but Gerda catches it and pushes her arm aside and says “target practice” and starts to do all different types of kicks to her.  Eventually Melanie slides down the wall and is sitting and Gerda does a cartwheel away from her and kicks her while cart wheeling away. 

Gerda walking back towards her says, I thought this would have been more challenging and picks her up. Melanie standing there, with Gerda infront of her bouncing back and forth getting ready to hit her. Gerda does high round kick to Melanie head,but Melanie slides into split and punches her while her foot is on the way. Melanie gets up and does some kicks, including jump kicks, to Gerda. After a few kicks, Gerda catches her leg and pushes it back and Melanie goes into a split. Melanie looks up and Gerda does a quick kick to her throat and Melanie grabs it. Gerda then slowly lifts her leg and grabs it and holds it high and says, told you I can do it better and let’s it and kicks Melanie on top of her head, while still in Split and Melanie falls back.

Gerda then shows off with some high kicks and then walks to her sneakers. She puts them on and walks to her sweatpants, but in the meantime Melanie gets back to her feet and grabs her from behind. Gerda says, oh your not knocked out, and does a high kick over her shoulder to Melanie face and knocks her back.

Gerda then does a flexible/gymnastic move to knock her out. Gerda then does a split next to her stretching as it ends.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda demonstrates her flexibility to Melanie

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