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  • Gerda neutralizes the gang by fooling and tickling the criminals

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Scene 1

Gerda enters wearing a coat and says "Ah, those criminals. I will lock their bank account and end their scheme." She peaks through a door and sees a criminal sitting at a computer. He has a rifle at his side but is engrossed in the computer, looking at pictures of girls in their underwear (could be other heels4kicks models). Gerda gives a knowing smile and removes her coat and touches up her lipstick. She walks towards the guard seductively, smiling confidently and blowing kisses to him. He  is startled and points his rifle at her, while still seated, but Gerda confidently pushes it away with a foot and sits on his knee. The guard is mesmerised by her and she keeps him busy by stroking his face etc while working on his computer. The message "Account locked" comes up on the screen and Valerie shows him. The guard panics pushing Gerda off his knee while he works to re-access the computer. Gerda quietly takes the clip from the rifle and says "No more bank access for you!" He angrily picks up the rifle but Gerda shows him that she has the clip, teasing him to come to get it. He chases her but she dodges a couple of times. Then she puts the clip under her foot. He tries to get it but can't move her foot. After a little struggle Gerda stands on one of his hands. He now uses his free hand to try to free his trapped hand but can't, and Gerda steps on his other hand as well (as below). She laughs at him and then tickles him unconscious and poses over him.

Scene 2

Gerda peaks through another door and sees another criminal looking at  his computer. He has a rifle next to his chair and an empty hair next to him. This time it is a picture of a girl showing her soles. She smiles, knowing how she will deal with this guy, removing her coat again. She walks in quietly so the guy doesn't notice and sits next to him, surprising him. He goes for his rifle but she smiles at him and raises her feet, wiggling her toes and circling them in different patterns. She works on his computer while he watches her feet. After a short time she points to the screen to show him an "Account locked" message. But he doesn't even notice as he has been mesmerised by her feet. Gerda laughs and leaves.

Scene 3

Gerda is sitting working on a computer. A criminal with a baseball bat tries to creep up behind her. She sees him but ignores him, continuing to work on the computer. He swings and she ducks, still ignoring him and working on the computer. The criminal is confused and angry and swings again. Gerda ducks again. The criminal prepares another swing but Gerda shoots out a hand and tickles him while still ignoring him and concentrating on the computer. The criminal falls over from laughter and Gerda ignores him again. While kneeling on the floor he tries to hit her again. This time Gerda smiles at him and tickles him under his arms with her feet before he can strike (as below). She keeps tickling until he collapses then she goes back to the computer. He tries to hit her a few more times, but each time she tickles him with her feet. After this she holds him down with feet and says "Just let me finish this. I'll tickle you unconscious in a minute." After a few more key presses the "Account locked" message comes up on the screen. Gerda say "FInished!" and lifts her feet off the criminal. He starts to get up to fight her but Gerda tickles him with her feet until he is unconscious. Then she gets up to leave.

Scene 4 (longest scene)

Gerda enters a room like she is being chased. She quickly hides behind the door. A boxer enters and walks round the room slowly looking for her. Gerda quietly follows him closely around the room, staying very close behind him so he cannot see her. The boxer pauses, confused that he cannot find her and Gerda tickles him from behind until he collapses. Then she moves away and faces him like a boxer. He swings at her a lot but she is too fast and keeps ducking, sometimes tickling him as she dodges passed him.

Gerda keeps ducking and dodging and running round him in various ways, tickling him often.

Sometimes, I would like Gerda to be the aggressor, and just tickle the boxer before he has a chance to swing, as below.

After a good tickling the boxer falls to the floor. Gerda twists his mask round so that he cannot see. Gerda plays cat-and-mouse with him, tugging his shirt and calling him before moving away so he tries to hit her but misses. The boxer should be really bad at trying to find her. I would like Gerda to mix in some tickling with the teasing. So sometimes she pokes him to get his attention and sometimes she tickles him a little before backing off and making him punch and miss again. Sometimes she gets really close before tickling, enjoying that the boxer does not know she is there. Valerie did this really well, as below.

At the end the boxer collapses on the floor unconscious after one long tickle attack and Gerda poses victoriously over him.

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Gerda neutralizes the gang by fooling and tickling the criminals

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