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  • Gerda was defeated having lost her guard down

Custom clip request 

Okay this Video is like the other Customs, where a Girl play a unbelievable strong Character Role. Gerda is a strong fighter what can take many hits before she become weaker and even more before she goes down.

She plays a cocky and conceited Role, she thinks no one can beat her in a fight. I would love to see Belly / Head punches and

some hits against her Body Side. Like the other Videos the reaction from her is very important, she only reacts a little bit from the Hits but still with moaning/groaning! Please make shure this is right.  The Runtime is 15 Min, and she fights against 2 Man. I would like to see her with the  Black Dress what you showed me, with open Hairs and some soft  Make up. She should look  noble and elegant, like a Star.

The Story is simple: Gerda has Bionic improvements in der Body what makes her stronger and feel  no (less) Pain. This was always enough to win every fight, she doesn´t care about her defence, she just take all the hits against her and goes surprisingly for counter attacks. She hits really hard after a few blows her opponents are on the Ground, she never came in trouble, and Won every fight.  As i said this made her cocky and arrogant.  But despite her Bionics she is still only Human, she thinks she is invincible, but its not true. At the End of this Video she will realize it.

This Video  starts with her entering a Room and surpises one Guy. He sees her and immediately worried.

Gerda:"You know who i am?"

"Yes, i heard about you, you are a ruthless Hitwoman and People say that you are invincible. But why are you coming to me?"

Gerda:"Someone put  a Bounty on your Head and i am here to collect it. And since you already know about me just give up and i promise to make it quick"

She smiles nasty.

She is slowly approaching him. During this she talks a little bit why she is invincible. Because of her Bionics she is very strong, feels no pain and its impossible for her to lose.  

She stands before him " Let me show you....i give you some free Shots against me" she is really cocky at this Moment.

She stands before him and shows him that he can attack her. First he is hesitant but then goes in fighting position and starts with 2-3 Belly punches against her but she only reacts a little. Then he gives her 2-3 Head punches and again she reacts only a little bit.

He  looks terrified and she only says: "Are you sure you want fight me?"

"I will not just stand her and let you beat me!"

She sighs "I don't have much time, so i will make it quick..." After this she immediately attacks him.

(You are free to create/improve the Dialogs and English Subtitles are okay)  

For the first ~2:00 Min she completely  dominats him, he tries the best to defence himself, but she is like a unstoppable power, she always pushes the attack and hits really hard. After the ~1:30 Min he is on the Ground and she is choking him with her Feet. Gerda: "See? I told you, you have no chance"

Now the second Guy come in the Room and sees this, he is wondering what the hell is going on here. Gerda tells him to stay back, its none of his business. The Guy on the Ground begs for help. The new Guy realises quickly that he need do to something he goes to her and starts punching her Body Side (Rips) After some hits she finally let the Guy on the Ground go and turns to the new one.

"This was very stupid from  you" and she attacks him. Like the first Guy  he has no chance against her. Over the next ~1:30

she beats up both Guys.  But she only need to fight one Guy at the same Time. When one is down she punches the other Guy, when

he is down she goes for the other one, and so on. After the ~1:30 both Guys are weak and on the Ground they realise they need to fight better to Win this fight.

So they are talking about fighting together, at the same Time against her and help each other out.

Gerda, what has enjoyed the fight so far, just laughs at them: "Even together you have no chance against me. But come on, try it!"

She is still cocky and  gives them a sign to attack her. She really enjoyed the first Round in this fight and beating up the Guys.

But now her slow Downfall beginns,we should have around 12 Min left for this, this fight takes around 9 Min. Gerda  get the most hits, but she takes them all, she never looks weak or goes down.

The 2 Guys are fighting very good together. Everytime when one Guy is in trouble, the other one comes to help him.

She can never focus on only one Guy, like at the beginning.

And they try to bend/twist her Arms to make her defencless, to give some free shots against her Body. You already have some experince with that but i have some Pics for you with the stuff  i would like to see:

ArmlockA: One Arm is bend on her Back like that  and the other Guy gives her Belly/Head punches.

ArmlockB: One Hand is on her back and again they can give her some free shots.

TwistA,B and C: This is from other Videos i would like to see stuff like these too. 

Just put stuff like this during the 9 Min, and  between the normal fighting stuff. And maybe you have yourself an Idea for a Armlock against her. But i don´t like something where she bows down, like the one Pic i sendet to you, during all the Twists and Locks against her Gerda should stand straight.

ArmlockD: This Time both of her Arms are on her Back and she is completely defencless. This is the last and longest Armlock on her and nearly at  the End of the 9 Min.

The Guy starts with Belly punches and after that he switches to her Head. During the Head punches she tries to break free, but the Guy behind her can hold her in Place.

He tells the Guy in front of her, that he should keep punching her, he got her save.

After this the front Guy starts again punching her Belly again.  During this she finally loses her conceited and cocky look.

The Guy keeps punching her and there is nothing what she can do about it. She wanted to end this fight quickly.

Now she is in this Position, and she hates it. She need to break free! She still don´t care about her Body, and thinks the Bionics will save her.

After some more punches against her she finally can free herself, she punches the Guy behind her with the Elbow, he stumbles back, and goes quickly for the Guy in front of her.

She looks serious now  she attacks him hard and at the end he stands against a Wall. With one Hand she pins him against the Wall

and with the other one she punches him."I will take you out right now!" She is angry and wants to end this fight, enough of her Time is wastet. And now there is one more Pic:

Holdinback: As i said she is holding him like this and punches his Face. Now the other Guy comes in, is holding her punching Arm back and starts punching her Body Side. After some hits she finally releases the Guy on the Wall.

After all this fighting Gerda is still strong, but upset because the two Guys are keep fighting her off and she can´t take them out.

"You two really start to piss me off" She fights more serious now.

 She manages to punch down one Guy quickly with her hard blows and is approaching the other Guy, she attacks him and only after a few hits  with only one Hand she is choking him!

Gerda: "You two put so much effort in this, but still achieved nothing!" Now you can see that the other Guy is standing up again, he goes to her and starts punching the Body Side. (This Side where she is holding the other Guy with the Arm)

She still tries to take out the other Guy, because she really has enough of this fight, but after some Hits she releases him and he falls on the Ground.

She gets pushed away and Guy1 helps the Guy2 up, after this both are going in fighting position again and are waiting for her attack.

Gerda really can't understand, why they two don´t give up. For her it's crazy that the Guys keep fighting her. She is invincible!

After all the Time, she took all the hits and the bionics safed her. But now for the last 3 Min its finally the moment this changes

As is said the 2 Guys are standing in fighting position in front of her. Gerda  still tries to attack them, but

they Guys are pretty good now.  They keep punching her and after some Time  her Bionics start failing: Her attacks

are not that powerful anymore and its easier to avoid/dodge them. She also doesn't attack that often anymore and

takes more hits befor she goes for Counter Attacks.  The Guys  realises this too, over Time they can avoid all of her attacks.

Now, finally,  its the Time for the Guys to push the attack against her.  Somethimes together they keep punching her, and sometimes alternately. No matter which way she is going, there is always a Guy in front of her, what keeps punching her.  For a short Time they

even punch her around between them!

Nearly the End you can hear a "This is impossible" or "This can't be" with broken voice from her, the Bionics have failed her and she feels the Pain now. She gets slowly punched from one Side of the Room to the oder Side. At the End she  stands against a Wall and both Guys are punching her Belly.

This attack hurts her more and more over Time, you can see it on her Face and she groans more. Then suddently you can hear a "Stop!" from her. The Guys are stopping the attack and are looking at her

"Please, stop ... i give up!" Gerda is beaten, her Bionics failed completely, She leans against the Wall and can barely hold her up.

There is nothing left anymore from her strong and arrogant behave at the beginning from this Video.

 The Guys look at each other and agree to let her be, they start leaving the Room.

The last seconds are on her she slides on the Ground and is beaten.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda was defeated having lost her guard down

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