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  • Fight dance from Melanie. Part III

Custom clip request 

Melanie always in black leotard and pantyhose, like figth dance 1 and 2

Location: that of figth dance 2 or another room with a pole dance pole

Melanie teases Sven all the while saying he is a fat and slow pachyderm, melanie's victory poses always last several seconds, melanie walks on Sven when he falls as expected in a sexy way slowly, climbing onto his chest or back .

Melanie is dancing, Sven enters the room saying he wants to challenge her, so he will pay for what he did to his friend.

Melanie laughs and says it will be fun to kick a fat boy

Sven replies: I'm a fighter, you just a little dancer

Melanie replies that the fat boy will only be louder when he falls to the mat, and it will be more comfortable to dance on him.

The match begins with the first song, Sven tries to hit and catch Melanie, melanie is much faster than Sven and kicks him in the most acrobatic way possible, round kicks, flying kicks, dubbed kicks, rotate or vertical hitting with the feet and use of the ple dance pole to slide your feet up on Sven's face. Melanie keeps dodging and kicking Sven, Melanie laughs at Sven and verbally provokes him or invites him to hit her, saying every time: come on fat boy try to catch me. Sven suffers, tries to react but is too slow to succeed, with the passing of the minutes he is slower and slower. Towards the end of the song melanie knocks sven down with an acrobatic kick, Sven falls KO and melanie takes on a victory poses saying: first song the victory is mine.

Second song: Sven gets up while melanie continues to dance, when Sven is standing melanie looks at him and says these words: fat boy get on your knees and kiss my feet if you want to spare yourself another humiliation.

Sven gets angry, says he would never accept such punishment, tries to hit melanie, tries to catch melanie, but melanie is too fast and athletic, keeps avoiding Sven and hits him with several kicks, of all kinds, using the pole, kicks flying and performs every stunt to hit him with her feet, after each series of caci melanie invites Sven to hit her, Sven tries to catch her, melanie dodges and continues with the kicks, continues to provoke Sven by calling him fat boy and saying that he is too slow, melanie with a flying kick he knocks Sven down in the middle of the song, Sven tries to get up but melanie walks on his back and makes him come back to the ground, Sven tries to get up again, melanie walks again on the big boy's back. Melanie while walking on Sven's body invites him to stand up laughing at him, Sven manages to get up and attacks Melanie, Melanie dodges him dancing and hits him with some slaps with her foot, Sven falls to his knees right next to melanie, Sven puts his hands down on the ground, she is on all fours in front of melanie, melanie continues to dance, sits on Sven's back and uses it as if it were a chair, continues to dance using it as a chair, melanie stops after a few seconds sitting on the shoulders of Sven, crosses his legs and puts one foot under Sven's chin telling Sven to kiss his foot, Sven is tired and breathing heavily, Melanie's foot and right in front of her mouth, Melanie says it would be enough to kiss him to admit to being subjected to melanie and thus saving himself more beating, but Sven doesn't, melanie rides Sven, laughs at him saying it's the first time he's riding a pachyderm, melanie tightens her legs around Sven's neck choking, Sven tries to free himself from melanie's legs pressing on his neck,

Melanie suddenly lets go gets up from sven's shoulders, Sven collapses face down between melanie's legs, melanie twirls around, puts her foot on Sven's head in victory poses, the song ends, melanie is in victory poses as a sexy dancer at the end of a show. Melanie says victory is still mine, do you feel humiliated fat boy ?? If you beg me and kiss my feet you will avoid the third song.

Sven doesn't answer, melanie walks on Sven's back and the third song starts, melanie starts dancing, Sven gets up slowly, stunned, melanie walks around Sven dancing and kicks him, Sven staggers, melanie laughs at Sven and continues to slap him with her feet, melanie lifts one foot in a split in front of Sven, ready to hit him, Sven kneels down telling melanie she gives up, melanie puts her foot on Sven's head telling Sven to beg her, Sven begs for melanie, melanie pushes Sven to the ground, walks on Sven's body and puts a foot near Sven's face saying to kiss him, Sven tries to kiss Melanie's foot but melanie moves her foot, gets off Sven's body and says to get up, Sven goes gets up, Sven tells Melanie he's giving up, Melanie tells Sven it's too late now, he'll have to finish the song or he'll be able to kiss or touch Melanie's feet, melanie hits Sven with more kicks and slaps with her foot, dances around to him, melanie dances sexy while also hitting him with splits, verticals and acrobatic and humiliating moves also using the pole dance pole. Sven suffers and after a while he collapses to the ground melanie walks over Sven saying to kiss her feet, Sven tries to kiss melanie's foot but she moves her foot and gets off Sven's body, melanie teases Sven saying: you really don't want to give up, kiss my feet, Sven crawls on the floor towards melanie's foot, melanie uses the pole dance pole does a stunt and jumps on Sven's back. Melanie puts her foot on Sven's head, the song ends and melanie is in victory poses, Sven begs for mercy, melanie tells Sven that since she can't kiss his foot she will have to touch it as a sign of surrender Sven tries to touch melanie's foot, melanie moves her foot mocks Sven, plays with him teasing him, melanie gets off Sven's body and turns him with her foot in a sexy way, dances for a few seconds on tiptoes on fat body of Sven, she also puts her toe on Sven's neck, Sven begs for mercy in pain, melanie goes to get her cell phone and starts taking selfies while putting on Sven in victory poses, melanie tells Sven that those will be photos demonstrating how a slow fat guy is being subdued and humiliated by an acrobatic dancer, Sven says: Melanie you are the best, I am submissive to you melanie allows Sven to kiss your feet. The video ends with Sven kissing meanie's feet. Melanie victory poses

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Fight dance from Melanie. Part III

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