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  • Hard punishment of Lillian's stomach

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The thug didn't finish beating Lillin last time, he liked it. He came up with a new way to test Lillian's stomach for strength. He gives her an invented serum that repeatedly increases her pain, increases the sensation of a blow and relaxes her stomach, but nevertheless does not give Lillian the opportunity to lose consciousness as much as possible. He himself drinks the serum, which repeatedly strengthens his blows.

"I will test my new serum on you, which will increase your pain. Let's see what you are capable of this time, how long you will last. You've never felt such pain before. I will destroy your stomach and all your insides: liver, stomach, intestines. You will beg me for mercy."

The thug gives Lillian a serum. Then he drinks his own.

"Well, let's start," he says.

Lillian does not believe him and behaves defiantly. "You're not capable of anything, you weakling. You can't break me. You won't succeed. My stomach will hold up."

But her audacity disappears with the first strong blow to the stomach. The thug delivers a very strong, long and prolonged blow to Lillian's stomach, leaving the fist in Lillian's stomach tense and continuing to push through her stomach.

Lillian feels such pain that she has never experienced before, her whole body reacts to this blow, opens her mouth wide, lifts her chin up, makes a loud groaning sound in her throat on exhaling( as if her stomach is being squeezed by something heavy and large), then lowers her head and looks at the Thug with both surprised and conquered eyes.

The thug, holding his fist in his stomach, says: "Well, how are you feeling?" Lillian is lying and says: "You're a weakling. It doesn't hurt me."

The thug says: what do you say to this and abruptly pushes his fist into the stomach with his whole body,from the bottom up of the stomach. Lillian continues to suffer, screams heavily and opens her mouth slightly. In the future, I ask you to repeat the same blow from time to time (including with a bat).

In the same spirit, the thug and with the same heavy reaction, Lillian continues to deliver crushing and long blows or a series of blows to the stomach, sometimes to the liver with a fist, occasionally with a leg with leaving the leg in the stomach after the blow for a couple of seconds (super strong blow), and, of course, then takes the bat (super strong blow), trying to damage Lillian's stomach and intestines as much as possible. The blows are not fast, not short, but long, long and super strong.

Then it's up to you, but I ask you to make all the blows strong or a series of strong blows with an active reaction of Lillian.

A thug can grab a girl by the hair and throat, he openly mocks her. Lillian does not necessarily stand still, she can bend her knees, lean on the thug's arm, rise on tiptoe, during a blow, it is very painful for her.

I would really like to see sometimes blows with Lillian lifting on her toes from the force of the blows, at this time the head tilts back a little and the mouth opens, her stomach seems to be strung on a fist, a bat, then at the end she holds on to the Thug's hand, trying to remove it.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Hard punishment of Lillian's stomach

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