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  • Black Canary Lillian. Part III

Custom clip request

Great movies ... so perhaps you and Lilian would be interested in "Part III"? 30 minutes, say?

Just her in that black leotard, fishnet pantyhose and boots.

Actors: The boss plus six henchmen (the previous four plus two more). Lilian.

A cell phone, baseball bat, ropes. Two chairs or one chair, one couch.

I like her abs being punched, but all kinds of creativity in the fight scenes is always good.

Feel free to change and adapt, no need to follow this script slavishly.

Scene 1:

Two men guard a door. Lilian arrives.

Man 1: "You again!"

Lilian wants to say something, but before she can, Man 2 opens the door: "We know who you are. Please come in!". Lilian, surprised, walks through the door.


Scene 2:

next room. This time, the boss is already sitting on a couch or chair, waiting.

Lilian: "You are here?"

Boss: "I have seen you coming"

Lilian: "I don't need it. I need the correct code. You lied to me last time. I came back for the correct code. You will tell me the correct one this time!"

Boss: "I expected that you would be back. So, we have prepared"

The previous four henchmen enter the the room. One has a baseball bat. Two have put ropes around their fists. They are approaching Lilian.

Lilian, looks at the henchmen, amused. Turns back to the boss: "I also came back to punish and humiliate your henchmen."

Boss: "That will not be so easy this time"

Two more henchmen enter.

Lilian looks a bit concerned. To the boss: "Nobody needs to get hurt. Tell your henchmen to back off. Else, I will beat them up and punish you as well."

The henchmen laugh.

The henchmen attack Lilian. First, one after the other, Lilian fights them off. They are coming faster, making it more difficult for her. Eventually, several and finally all of them attack her. She fights valiantly, but they manage to overwhelm her. They carry her to the chair. They tie her arms behind the chair and tie her legs. She struggles against them doing so, but they eventually succeed.

The boss approaches her, clearly amused.

Boss: "You were saying?"

Lilian, defiant: "I said, I came back for the correct code and to humiliate your henchmen!"

The henchman laugh at that.

Boss: "And I wanted you to come, so that I get my money and my suitcase back that you took from me last time! I know you have been working with the local police, but they do not dare to come here!"

He calls the police: "I have your little bird here! Bring me my suitcase and the money, or else we will hurt her badly!"

Police at the other end of the phone: "How do I know you have her? Let me speak to her!"

Boss holds phone to Lilian: "Now, nicely explain your situation!"

Lilian: "Hi Chief! Nothing to worry about. I am just working as usual. I will bring the boss, who has the correct code. Give me 30 minutes."

The henchmen and the boss laugh.

The boss takes the phone back, takes a picture of tied-up Lilian and sends it to the police: "I told you. You have one hour to bring me my suitcase!" He hangs up.

Boss to Lilian: "You did this to yourself". Lilian to the boss: "I warn you! Come with me now, or your henchmen will be humiliated as they have never been humiliated before!"

The boss is furious. He motions to two henchmen: "Hurt her! Beat her up!"

The henchmen approach and land a few punches. But Lilian has meanwhile managed to free her feet, kicks the henchmen away. The boss is furious. He sends more of the henchmen at her. Lilian gets up, with that chair tied behind her, I guess, whirls around, beating the henchman and freeing herself from the chair (hmmh, this may be tricky ... just find a good way to resolve that). Her hands are free now.

Lilian: "Ok guys, why don't we try this again?"

The six henchmen attack her, but this time, Lilian gradually gains the upper hand, beating them.

Lilian to the boss: "Are you coming with me now?"

Boss, angry at his henchmen: "Get up, beat her up!"

Lilian: "Ah, I forgot. I came her to humiliate them. Go ahead, tie my arms behind my back! Hold me and punch me as hard as you can!"

They do, they fight again, they punch her, and despite their ropes on their hands, their hands start hurting. She smiles at that and eventually just beats them up. She gets rid of her ropes.

Lilian: "Well that didn't go so well, did it? Let's see what you can do with me on the ground!"

Lies down, invites them to attack her. They do. She overwhelms them.

Perhaps think of a few more short fights (perhaps with a subset of the henchmen?), with Lilian humiliating and taunting them more and more.

Eventually, the henchmen are all defeated.

Lilian to the boss: "Now you come with me!"

The boss is frightened. Lilian ties his hands behind his back. She leaves the room with him, leaving the henchmen behind.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Black Canary Lillian. Part III

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