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Custom clip request

Is Lilian still available for doing Black Canary Lilian Part 2

Same actors plus the boss, same locations, same outfits. As for her outfit, I suggest to move the knot to the side (or even get rid of the belt entirely ... I leave that up to you. Might actually make more sense for a Black Canary outfit).

The first three scenes are super-short versions of the first three scenes of the first one, just as a way of connecting the two movies. The movie in some ways really starts with scene 4.

Scene 1:

Two men guard a door. Lilian arrives. The men stop her.

Man 1: "You again! You can't go through here!"

Lilian: "I have to see your boss. I will go through this door. Yield, or I will beat you up."

The men part ways, clearly afraid. Lilian walks through the door.

Scene 2

A big man guards another door.

Big man: "You can't go through here!"

Lilian: "Yeah, yeah. I know. You are Bruno. You are a world champion boxer. But I beat up world champion boxers for breakfast."

She hits him three or four times, Bruno crumbles to the floor.

Lilian walks through the door.

Scene 3:

Two men guard a door. Lilian arrives.

Man 1: "You can't go through here!"

Lilian: "Seriously? I don't have time for this".

A very brief fight, she beats them, and walks through the door.

Scene 4:

The boss, on a sofa perhaps, is hectically gathering his notes and stuffing them in a briefcase. Lilian appears.

Lilian: "This time, I caught you! You won't escape this time."

The boss leans back: "What do you want from me?"

Lilian: "I have been sent to get the secret code for your vault in your lair. We know it is booby-trapped, it can only be opened with the code. You know it and you will tell it to me."

Boss: "Now, why would I do that?"

Lilian: "If you do not give the code to me, I will beat you up so bad like you have never been beaten before!"

Boss: "Alright then, let me look for it"

He opens the suitcase, seemingly searching for it. Lilian is looking with interest. Meanwhile, a thug is sneaking up on her from behind. The boss finds a pepper spray in the suitcase, sprays Lilian. She bends back, her eyes are hurting from the spray. The thug grabs her head from behind and puts a cloth with special liquid over her face. Lilian is out.

Scene 5:

Lilian is tied up with her hands above her head. She wakes up. The four thugs and the boss are standing in front of her.

Bruno to Lilian: "You were saying?"

Lilian: "Give me the code or I will beat you up!"

Boss and thugs laugh loud.

The boss to three of the thugs (not yet Bruno, who is standing by): "She gave you so much trouble? Go get your revenge, beat her up."

Lilian: "Touch me, and I will beat you all up! I will take everything from you!"

All the thugs and the boss laugh at that.

The three thugs take turns punching her abs. First they are smug and happy, but it does not have much effect on Lilian.

Lilian: "Is that all you can do? Come on, punch harder!"

The thugs are shocked, they try harder. Lilian is taunting them: "Come on, get me! Punch me, punch me!". They are really trying, but eventually their hands hurt.

Lilian: "You are just a bunch of wimps"

Boss to Bruno: "This is ridiculous. You do it!"

Bruno starts punching Lilian.

Lilian: "Punch harder"

Bruno, with an evil grin: "You asked for it!"

He starts punching really hard, and one can see that Lilian is now in pain.

Bruno: "This time, I will knock you out!"

Boss: "Wait!" Bruno pauses. Lilian is hanging in the ropes, exhausted, her head hanging down, nearly out.

Boss to Lilian: "You wanted that code? I tell you the code. It is 34-50-17."

Lilian does not respond, she keeps hanging.

Boss: "But what good is it that I told you, now that Bruno will be beating you, eh?"

Boss, clearly satisfied: "Bruno, come on. Show me your skills. Punch this lady so hard that she does not remember a thing!"

Bruno, with that evil grin, starts to punch her really hard. Lilian reacts with some pain, but her head is hanging from being nearly out.

Bruno takes a pause.

Lilian lifts her head, smiles. To the boss: "Thank you so much for the code! Did you really fall for me pretending to be beaten? This is so funny!"

The boss to Bruno: "Come on! Use her as your punching bag. Hit her as hard as you can!"

Bruno keeps punching, takes another pause.

Are you done already? Can't you hit harder?"

Bruno, shocked. Hits her more, tries really hard. Lilian is mocking him: "Come on, little boy, harder, harder!"

Eventually, Bruno's hand is hurting too. The boss is mad. To the other three thugs: "Come on, help Bruno out here, punch her!"

They approach her, but this time, Lilian wraps her legs around the neck of one of the thugs, choking him. The others try to get the legs off him. But she occasionally kicks one of them with a leg. The first thug manages to get free, ut Lilian manages to get her legs around another thug.

Lilian: "You will free my hands now, or I will finish you off!"

The thug obliges. Lilian is finally free.

The thugs run away.

Scene 6:

The thugs run into the room, where the boss was originally confronting Lilian. The suitcase is still there. Lilian follows too. The thugs looks scared, don't know where to run.

One grabs a bat, two others grab knifes. The boss sits down on the couch, grabs his suitcase tight: "Get her! Beat her up!"

Lilian: "You heard what the boss said. Come and get me!"

They fight, Lilian beats them up. The boss looks frightened.

Lilian: "I feel I have not humiliated you enough yet. Two of you will grab me from behind. You (points at one thug) grab that baseball bat. Try beating my abs with that!"

They proceed. It does not seem to hurt her much. The thug with the bat gets exhausted.

Lilian points to Bruno: "Come on, you try with that bat! May be you can do better!"

Bruno tries. It has more of an effect on Lilian, but she can take it and laughs it off.

Lilian frees herself from the two thugs beating her.

Lilian: "I told you, if you touch me, I will beat you up!"

Another fight ensues. Now, Lilian thoroughly beats up all the thugs. She puts them on a pile, placing her foot on top of them, and turns to the boss, triumphant:

"You need better thugs, if you want protection from me"

The boss still clings to the suitcase.

Lilian: "I told you, I will take everything from you! Give me that suitcase!"

The boss, clearly frightened and reluctant, surrenders the suitcase to her.

Lilian: "Good boy! And thanks for the code! It will be very useful."

She punches him, and he goes to the floor out.

Lilian walks off.

The end.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Black Canary Lillian. Part II

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