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Scene 1

Two men guard a door.  Lilian arrives, tries to walk through.  The men stop her.

Man 1: "You can't go through here!"

Lilian: "I have to see your boss.  I will go through this door."

Man 2: "We won't let you."

Lilian: "If you don't let me, I will have to beat you up.  You have been warned."

The men laugh at that.

Man 1: "Sure, try us!"

They fight.  Lilian beats them up.

Lilian: "You are guards?  You are pathetic."  Silence.

Lilian: "I tell you what.  Let's practice that again.  Let's say, one of you already had me in a hold, and the other one tries to punch me to defeat me.  Let's see whether that works for you."

The men get up and indeed try.  Man 1 punches her hard in the abs, but Lilian laughs at him, and his hands start hurting.  Man 2 chuckles.

Man 1 to Man 2: "C'mon, you try then!" They switch, man 2 does a bit better, but not much.  Same outcome.

Lilian eventually has enough ... perhaps jumps up, wrapping her legs around the neck of punching guy, and proceeds to beat them up.

Lilian: "Can I go through the door now?"  Silence. She walks through.

Scene 2

A big man guards another door. 

Big man: "You can't go through here!"

Lilian: "That's what the other two guards said!  So I beat them up."

Big man, chuckles: "Yeah, they are not so strong.  I am Bruno.  I am a world champion boxer.  You can't do anything to me!"

Lilian: "Oh yeah?"

Big man: "Try me!"

Lilian punches him a few times really hard.  The big man first laughs, but then starts to wince and show a reaction of pain.  Pretending that it didn't hurt him: "See? You can't do anything to me!"

Lilian: "Well, let's take turns!  You can't do anything to me either!"

Big man laughs at that: "Are you sure?"

Big man starts punching her, first with hesitation and softly and surprised that this does not have an effect.  Frustrated, he starts punching harder.  Lilian shows some reaction, but less then he did.

Lilian: "See?  You can't do anything to me either.  My turn!"

Lilian punches the big man, who starts to be in real pain.  Lilian stops.

Lilian: "Oh, sorry, am I hurting you?  Here, I let you have your turn now."

Big man is mad, punching her as hard as he can, but Lilian won't fall.  He is exhausted now.

Lilian: "I guess it is my turn again!"

She punches him, and knocks him out.  She walks through the door.

Scene 3:

Two men guard a door.  Lilian arrives, tries to walk through.  The men stop her.

Man 1: "You can't go through here!"

Lilian: "Hmmh, I heard that before.  That didn't go well for the other guys!"

Man 2: "Yeah, but it is now four of us!"

Two more men appear.  Lilian is surprised.

Man 3: "Careful!  She beat up Bruno!"

Man 4: "She won't have a chance against the four of us."

Lilian, confident: "You four don't have a chance against me!"

The men chuckle.  They fight.  A tough fight, but she wins.

Lilian: "See?!  I told you!" Silence.  Lilian: "Let's try to make this easier for you!" ... Several more fights of her versus the four of them, with Lilian giving them various handicaps.  Or perhaps they also find a bat or a knife or a chain to attack her, to no effect.  Feel free to be creative! 

(No throwing on the couch, though, I suggest)

Finally, all four are defeated. 

Lilian goes through the door.  No one there.

Lilian: "Where is your boss?"

One of the men on the floor: "You are too late.  He has fled, when he saw us fighting on the security camera!"

Lilian: "Oh well, that's alright.  I came back another time then.  I am looking forward to beating you all up again!  Try a bit harder next time, though: that will be more fun."

Walks off.

The end.

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Black Canary Lillian

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