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  • Goddess Lillian destroys her enemies

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scene 1:

LILLIAN landed on the roof of the bandit base,Slow landing.Two bandits found her on the top of the building.One of the bandits Raise a shooter and aim at her,She appeared directly in front of the bandits.She put her chest against the muzzle of the shooter.Say let me try.The bandits shot,She smiled.She broke the bandit's neck with her hands.The second bandit was watching from a distance.Creep quietly trying to escape,She appeared in front of the bandits.She floats in the air.The bandits saw her legs floating.(From Low to High Perspective)She looked down at the bandits.The bandit climbed over and held her floating legs in prayer.The bandit accidentally ripped off her one shoes,She was angry.Stepping on the gangster's head with that foot,The gangster grasped her feet with both hands.She spins on one foot.The bandit broke his neck.She sat on the body of the bandit and put on her shoes.

She entered the passage from the roof.A gangster came and questioned her.She grabbed the gangster by the neck with one hand.Lift up,She looked at the bandits with a crooked head and a smile.Then the bandit broke his neck.She uses super perspective to find a second gangster,She appeared behind the second bandit.She grabbed the gangster's testicles from behind.The bandits fell to the ground,She bypassed the bandits and left.She walked more than ten meters.A small stone was found on the ground.A sudden idea struck her.She kicked the stone at the gangster.(Similar to football shooting),The bandit's head exploded.She turned and left.Enter the next corridor,Her phone rang.She began to talk to her friends (keep walking),Two bandits rushed out from both ends of the corridor,She shot hot rays from her eyes and hit two gangsters.(Very short-lived rays),The heads of the two gangsters exploded.She has been walking leisurely, without stopping.Walk past their bodies,She left.Enter the third corridor,Two gangsters were playing poker on the ground.She went over and stepped on poker.The two gangsters looked up at her in surprise.The two gangsters backed up a few metres and started shooting.Keep shooting,She faced the bullet and kept going.She hit two gangsters on the knee with hot rays from her eyes.Two bandits fell to the ground,She raised one leg high,Bandit head explosion(Similar to stepping on balloons),In the same way, the second gangster's head exploded.(Bandit's Perspective Before Foot Falls).She left.

scene 2:

LILLIAN comes to a door of a room.She pushed the door in.Boss sits inside.She sat on the sofa.She began to make up and apply lipstick.The boss said, "You're a little girl. I don't believe you're a hitwoman. She said: I am the world's strongest hitwoman, no one can stop me.The boss said:let me see.She smiled and nodded.The boss clapped his hands and a gangster pushed the door in.Bandits are only at the door,Suddenly she had hot rays in her eyes.(Very fast),The bandit's head exploded,She stood up and turned in a circle.Blow a kiss,She said with a laugh:"Your subordinates have been finished by me. You are the last one.That's the price of hiring me."The boss begged for mercy,she said"I'm going to start hunting you. Run away and give you 10 seconds."The boss opened the door and ran away.She left the room with her bag on her back.In a corridor,The boss turned a corner.She's already at a corner.The boss collided with her,Her bag fell to the ground.The boss turned around and ran away.The boss ran away behind her.She picked up the bag from the ground.She suddenly turned her head.Her eyes emit heat rays.The boss was hit in both feet,The boss fell to the ground and began to crawl forward.She walked gracefully to the front of the boss.Look at the boss(from low to high perspective),She then stepped on top of the boss with one foot.The boss grabbed her feet and begged for mercy.(From the boss's perspective, you can see the bottom of her skirt),She asked the boss."Can you choose to be finished by my eyes or legs?"The boss has been begging for mercy.She put down her feet.She squatted down and touched the boss's head gently."Baby don't be afraid, soon."She stood up.She put her boss's head between her thighs with both hands.she Say:" rest assured, I will carry out your commission."Her legs Slight rotation,Boss's neck fracture,She walked past thebody.She left

scene 3:

The boss commissioned the elimination of a doctor.She came to the door with her bag on her back.Knock at the door,Doctor opens the door,She said :I was a student. Can I come in?,The doctor invited her in.When she entered the door, she said:"I have superpowers. Do you want to look at it?" Doctor said,:"there is no such thing in the world."She laughed and said, "I am the exception."She hit the doctor's computer with hot radiation,The computer exploded.The doctor was shocked.The doctor said, "You are a devil. What are you doing?"She said, "I'm here to finish you. You can't resist it.",She sat on a table.Naughty shaking of legs.She looked at the doctor and said, "Kneel down."The doctor could not resist and knelt down.She continued to shake her legs in front of the doctor.She said, "Take off my shoes for me."The doctor took off her shoes.She stroked the doctor's head slowly with one foot.Then she clamped the doctor's head with her calf.Doctors try to get rid of it.Then a man broke into the room.He is a friend of the doctor.The doctor said, "Run away, she'll finish you."The man picked up a stick and tried to attack LILLIAN ,Her eyes emit heat rays.Hit him in the arm and the stick fell.He turned and ran away.Hit the back of the head with  LILLIAN's heat rays,The head exploded.She tilted her head and said with a smile, "It's your turn, Doctor.".She uses only a small amount of power.Doctor's head was broken.She jumped off the table.She left

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Goddess Lillian destroys her enemies

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