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Customm clip request 

1st SCENE 

It starts out with a dark screen. . . all you hear is sounds of strikes and sounds of deep grunts, holds and coughs from the beating

. . then it lights up into a scene where the male fighter is already in the middle of pummeling girl number 1 against the wall.

cuts to rapid combo with left and right hooks, punching the gut and face.... then...

one hand holds her two wrists above her head while the other uppercuts her stomach. . .uppercut grind to her solar plexus. . 

one hand holds her neck while the other uppercuts her stomach. 

Finish her off with a solarplexus spit take KO (water spew from my mouth). .

she folds over, drops to her knees and face plants, butt up in the air, tongue jutting out drooling. .. . then soccer kick her in the stomach as she tried to press herself up on all fours. sending her rolling a couple of times, clutching her stomach, selling the brutal pain that she is in.

He pulls her up by the hair, standing her up in the middle of the room, she is tweetering with her hair in his grip while he send

a final barrage of uppercut punches to her battered stomach that jolts her body, she grunts accordingly (brutal!). He then finishes her

off with one punch across the face resulting in a spraying spit take/slobber knocker with a slo-mo replay. But he's not finished... another gut punch to solarplex

spewing out more fluids, (slow-mo replay) and a final uppercut knocking out a puff of mist up in the air from the poor girl's mouth as she reels back and drops 

spread- eagled. body twitching/convulsing and gaggin' in pain. He finishes her with a gut stomp, jackknifing her. and then grind his foot there 

until her grunts/seizing.  KO'd completely, yet still twitching a bit. more fluid pouring out of her mouth... 

2nd Scene part 1 (femme fatales revenge)

. . starts out with Girl 2 lying on the mat with her calves and feet folded under her thighs, arms flailing out. . then stomp from the

male fighter wakes her up knocking the wind out of her. She suffers and acts out with the same type of deep guttural grunts as Girl 1 in the first scene as he picks her up by the hair and slug uppercuts after uppercuts to her stomach. He then send her reeling back slamming against the wall with an uppercut to the chin, replay with a spit take. As she is slammed against the wall from the uppercut, he continues the gut punishment with punches, knees and even 

some straight side kicks to the solarplexus with the last one grinding into her gut until she spew out another mouth full of fluids (Slow-motion).  

He unplasters his foot from her gut, letting her face plant, drop to her knees, face down, butt up in the air, while nursing her stomach, gagging

He then pick her back up to her feet, then scoop her up in the air and drop her across his knee in a backbreaker... press her down, bending her, stretching her abs out, and proceed to drop elbows and punches down into her poor stomach that is stretched out brutally across his knee... He pummels her stomach until she goes soft then shoves her KO'd body off his knee. She rolls off like a ragdoll into a spread eagled position... body twitching.


2nd Scene part 2 (Continues) 

Screen is black but only with sounds of hits and thuds before grunting noises with each THUD* making girl 2 grunt low and deep like she is dying...then scene starting to light up to a setting where Girl 2 is tied up, hangin arms over head while getting used like a punching bag with uppercuts slugging into her bare stomach... then Girl1 sneak up from behind him, perform a leg split and low blow uppercut his groin.

he holds his manhood paralyzed and fell to the his side.. ...she then continues the upperhand by applying variations of neck/head/bodyscissors (mostly side/front neckscissor and figure4's) .... mixed with gut punches whenever the stomach is reachable.... she makes him become out with a side scissor, making him twitching and seizing in pain even after she lets go of the hold..

She then unties Girl 2, waking her up...

From there on it becomes a brutal, vengeful, no-mercy, 2 on 1 gut punishment galore with multiple KO's as these two girls get their revenge.

Then it'd be fun for improvise over the order/sequence and frequency of these moves, and as long as they have all the following moves in the clip, I will be fully content and I hope you'll have fun too :)  

The male fighters then becomes a punchingbag...he will gradually over-sell his reactions towards the end as it gets more brutal. The girls will sadistically yell and add "hiYYAA!! shouts as they beat him to a pulp. 

-2 on 1 gut punching being held

. . .with a full nelson, and/or 

. . being held with a sleeperhold from behind while getting uppercuts, kicks and knees across the gut

. . on the ground in a rear naked hold with hooks sinked in controlling your lower body, stretching out his abs while being axe- kicked and gut stomped

. . on the ground being headscissored while the other stomps and mounted punches him in the gut

. . take turns with different variety of scissor holds such as figure four, different angles of side neck scissors

. . one girl axe-kicking him while the other headscissors him. She grinds her foot into your gut, instant replay.

. . single legscissor, standing on one leg, pulling on the ankle while he is on his knees being hold between her thigh and calf. 

 -each girl holds the male victim by the arm from each side, bending him over while taking turns kneeing him in the stomach

 -each girl hold him against the wall by each side, pinning his arms there while taking turns kneeing and uppercut punching his guts out. 

-poor guy is also held from behind while the other girl kick slaps his face back and forth, whipping his head side to side.

this is done to him while he is standing, and other scene while he is on his knees with a girl behind pulling his arms back with a knee on his spine.

- drilling sidekicks to the stomach

-thai clinch and knee thrusts to the solarplexus, face, and jaw

- thigh slamming across his bare midsection

- round house across the face that results in a slobber knocker + slo-mo replay.

-2 girls, neck and bodyscissor combo, making him convulse in pain

- side neckscissor while the other girl pounds him with rapid gut punches

- side bodyscissor across the stomach with the other girl stepping on his throat. 

- one girl traps both arms stretched out crucifix position while the other girl stomps, knee drops, and axe kicks his guts out. 

- holding him with some short of rope/belt tied it around his throat, pulling on it while kicking and kneeing him in the gut 

 - one girl's leg high kicks/foot pushing him against the wall at an angle, crushing his throat, but make room for the other to uppercut, knee and kick him in the stomach

- one girl foot pushing him at an angle while the other drill a sidekick to his stomach grinding her foot there, both held their legs up as each of their foot drilled into his neck and stomach pinning him against the wall as he convulse and gag in pain, fluid seeps thru his lips 

-Finish him off with a bodyscissor that cracks and crushes his ribs, and a neckscissor that snaps his neck. 

- variations of victory poses with both leg splits and overkill gut stomps/axekicks.

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Female revenge. 2 vs 1

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