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  • Betrayed bodyguard

Custom clip request 

Participants: 1x actress (Lillian), 3 x actors


Same as [Lillian weakness found] – tight jeans, hair, boots, blouse

Theme: Bodyguard betrayed.


Lillian is a hired bodyguard for businessman.

Scene starts where 2 thugs closes in on Lilian and the businessman, backing them up to a corner. The businessman holds on to a bag. He is terrified and clings on to Lillian. Lillian is a little uncomfortable with the business clinging on so tightly. She reassures him while pushing him away.

Lillian: “Don’t worry, you be just fine. Just stay at the corner.”

Thug1: “You better hand me your money!”

Lillian puts up a fighting pose, smiling.

Lillian: “Try and get past me.”

Both thugs tries to attack Lillian, but she is the better fighter. She is able to beat them back easily. They get back on their feet and face Lillian again.

Thug1 to Thug2: “I know her, I know her weakness. We got her the last time…” He points to Lillian’s crotch area.

Lillian: “You’re despicable!”

The two thugs start their attacks, focusing to hit her low. However, Lillian is prepared, blocks off their low-blows, and once again beats them back.

The businessman panics and rushes to cling on to Lillian. “Protect me! Protect me!”

Lillian is restricted and distracted by the businessman.

The thugs launches their attack, and uses the distraction to land a few hits on Lillian. Hitting her face, and stomach.

Lillian turns angrily to the businessman : “Stay back in the corner, and don’t cling onto me!” She pushes the businessman back.

When she turns back to face the thugs, she took a surprise low kick in the crotch from one of the thugs. [slow mo camera on Lillian’s reaction on the kick]

Lillian lets out a scream as she staggers back, holding her crotch area.

Thug1 goes to the businessman, snatches the money bag and struggles with him. Thug2 continues with Lillian.

Thug2 lands a few punches and kicks on Lillian in her weakened state. However, Lillian recovers and beats him back.

Thug1 has got the bag and has a hand choke on the business man. The thug threatens Lillian: “Stop resisting, or he will suffer!”

Lillian watched helplessly as the businessman is under hostage.

Thug2 walks up to Lillian “Don’t resist!”

He gives Lillian a punch on her face. Lillian stares back angrily. “You better let him go.”

Thug2 is surprised at Lillian’s ability to take hits, as if his punches are weak and has little effect.

Thug1: “No, not there, stupid. Remember her weakness!”

Thug2 looks at Lillian, and suddenly raised his knees on the crotch.

Lillian jerks up from the hit and staggers back in pain, holding the crotch. 

Thug2 to Lillian: “Come on! Stand up, spread your legs and open up your hands!”

Lillian reluctantly follows the instructions. Thug2 gives Lillian a hard kick to her crotch. Another scream from Lillian from pain.[Slow-mo repeat]

Lillian struggles to keep standing. Her hands are at her crotch from the pain, and knees are together weakly wobbling, and body slightly bent forward.

Lillian shouts angrily and in pain: “Stop kicking me there you pervert!”

Thug2: “Come on, stand up again!”

This time, Lillian ignores her pain and fights back at thug2. Thug2 is taken by surprise.

Thug1, who is still holding the businessman as hostage, shouts: “Hey! You better stop or I will finish him!” Businessman panics.

Lillian ignores and continues to beatdown Thug2. Businessman stares in shock.

Thug1 to businessman: “I think she doesn’t care about you, man. Are you interested to get back revenge on her?” Businessman still in shock.

Thug1 releases the businessman and goes to help thug2.

Lillian is in a rage and unforgiving on both the thugs. She gains the upper-hand and have both thugs pinned against the wall being choked.

Businessman walks over to Lillian. Lillian still has her back to the businessman. Lillian notices the businessman coming: “Take your bag and go. In have them under control.” She still continues to choke the thugs.

The businessman recalls Lillian ignoring him just now and is angry at her. He walks up behind Lillian and slams both his hands on both sides of Lillian’s head, shocking her.

Lillian lets go of the thugs and holds her head in pain… “What are you doing!” She shouts.

The Businessman gives an uppercut on Lillian’s crotch from behind. [Slow mo] the pain causes Lillian to hold her crotch in pain.

The three men surrounds Lillian. She puts up a weak fighting stance, and struggles to see all three of them from different angles. A fight starts and Lillian is on the losing side, being already weakened from the low-blows, and on a 3 to 1 disadvantage. She takes many hits.

She tries to kick but thug1 manages to catch her leg in mid-air, and raises her leg. Lillian hops to maintain balance.

With her crotch opened, thug2 and the businessman rains a series of punches and kick at her weak spot.

Lillian begs for mercy: “ Stop! Please stop! Its too much! I give up, please stop!

The beatings stopped.

Thug1: “Let’s break her!”

The three men positions Lillian’s arms and breaks one arm, sending Lillian screaming in pain. Then they punched her till she is on the ground. The two thugs then spreads her legs apart, stretches them out till they snap at the hip, breaking both her legs. Lillian once again screams in pain,.

Lillian struggles on the ground, with only one hand left unbroken.

Businessman to Lillian: “This is what you get for betraying me!”

He kicks open Lillian’s legs and prepares for a hard punch to her already worn out and beaten crotch.

Lillian: “No! Please No!”

Businessman give Lillian’s crotch a hard punch. Lillian’s eyes poped out in pain and shock, and eventually loses consciousness, twitching on the ground.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Betrayed bodyguard

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