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  • Megan defeats 2 karate champions

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Megan is a bounty hunter who just found the two guys who offended her sister. They are the champions of an illegal underground fighting ring and she is the final competitor to challenge them after beating many other opponents. The two guys have not seen her yet and they do not know that she is the sister of the girl they offended. The winner gets a large sum of money.

She walks up to two guards outside. They say “This is a restricted area. Show me your entry pass and ID.”

Megan says “oh, I must have forgotten it at home. Trust me, I am the challenger. You can test me if you’d like” she winks

The guards do not let her through. She gets annoyed and starts attacking them. She throws many hits and the guards try to fight back but are overwhelmed. She finishes both of them – you can decide whether its neck break, foot choke or something else as long as they are finished.

In the fighting area, one guy tells the other guy that they have to be careful because he heard this challenger is very formidable. Megan walks in and sees them. She takes off her shoes off (show close up of this), walks to them and tells them that she is the challenger.

The guys laugh and they can’t believe that the small girl is the challenger. She says “then this match should be no problem for you.” One of the guys says “she was able to get past the guards with the pass, she must be the one.” Megan smirks.

“Alright you will fight me first” says Clark “you know the rules. First to tap out loses.” Megan smiles and they start fighting but Megan easily beats him down quickly with many kicks. She says that one of you at a time may be too easy. She will fight both of them. They get angry at her arrogance, “you will regret being so arrogant. You better hope there is a hospital nearby.” Megan takes off her shirt and smirks “this will be fun” Fight starts

Fighting should be like the description above in the most important details. During the fight, can you include 4 things: (1) one of the guys will be frustrated and grab a weapon. Megan mocks him and tells him that a weapon is cheating. She kicks him multiple times so hard that he drops the weapon due to pain. (2) Megan kicks them in the face so hard that they spit fluids out. (3) Megan chokes one of them in between her legs like in image 1. (4) One of the guys is able to land a hit on her face. They look proud and she starts to look serious/annoyed and beats them with a flurry of hits.

Near the end, the guys are tired and hurt but they lunge at her one last time together. She fights both of them at the same time and beats them down. She does a high foot choke on Rob for ~45 seconds. Include angles 1-4 (see pictures). In the middle of this Rob screams for his friend to help him and when he comes to try and help, Megan punches him a couple times while keeping her foot on Rob’s throat. She smiles at Rob and says “whats the matter? Need help breathing?” She keeps pressing on Rob’s throat until he is knocked out.

Clark gets up and makes a final attempt to attack Megan but she easily knocks him down. She takes his belt, wraps it around his neck, plants her foot on his back and pulls him to his knees, choking him. He should be trying to get the belt off. Please include multiple angles of this. After ~20 seconds, Clark weakly says he gives up. The camera moves to Megan’s face (try to keep her hair out of the way so her face is seen during the choking). She smiles and continues choking him. Another 10 seconds and clark screams that he gives up and taps his neck signaling he taps out. Megan smiles and says “I heard you” and pulls on the belt harder. When Clark is almost out and his hands start to fall, megan gives a final tug and snaps his neck.

Megan walks casually over the Rob, slaps his face with her foot and says “nap time is over” and kicks his balls. He wakes up in pain and goes to clark and finds that he is finished.

“Are you crazy bitch!? What have you done!?” Megan smiles and asks him if he remembers the girl that they offended a few months ago. “I’m not only here to win this competition, but also to get the justice that my sister never got. You will pay for what you did.” Rob gets very angry and attacks her, but she blocks/dodges all his hits and unleashes a final flurry of many kicks and hits to knock him down. She walks over to him and places her foot on his throat (big toe closer to head) and chokes him (include angles 5-9).

After ~30 seconds, he taps and says he gives up. She lifts her foot and places it on his chest and says “do you feel sorry for what you did?” He says “Yes..yes I’m very sorry about your sister I will never do something like that again! The money is in a briefcase in our office, you can have all of it! Please, just spare me!”

Megan smiles and says “Its good that you’re sorry. Thanks for telling me where the money is, but I still want you to join your friend” She places her foot back on his throat and says.

He pleads one more time “Please, let me live I’ll do anything you want!” and taps. Megan mocks his begging and says “tapping wont help you this time”

She continues choking him for another 30 seconds until he is finished. She leaves her foot on his throat for a few seconds and then moves his head to make sure he is out. She places her full foot on his chest and makes a call to her sister, saying that she will meet up with her soon, she just had to run some errands. And she tells her sister that she has some good news and they can celebrate later. She steps over the guys and leaves.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Megan defeats 2 karate champions

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