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Custom clip request 

Model: Lesley Fox

Man: no mask

Costume: heels and dress from Film2: Secret Agent Lesley Versus Militia. Bare legs, please

Plot: James Bond faces his greatest adversary ever: the beautiful and amazonian Lesley Fox. He is lured into a trap by the beautiful Ms. Fox. She captures him and take him back to her lair where she will seduce him and make him hers forever. 

1. James has infiltrated Lesley Fox’s lair. While checking his location on his device she looms behind and seizes him

2 she pulls his head back to her so she can whisper in his ear

3. “welcome, Mr Bond. I’ve been expecting you”

4 she kisses him on his cheek. 

5. Moves her arms to pin him in a reverse bearhug. She lifts him off his feet. 

6. Smiles at his helplessness, “shhh. I have you.”

7.  He is out in her arms. She whispers in his ear “you’re mine now”. She kisses his cheek again.

Cut to:

8. He wakes up to see her sitting with beautiful legs crossed. 

9. “Ah, Mr Bond, you’re awake. Good. From this point forward, you belong to me .”

10. He slowly gets up. 

11.  “Excellent. You still have a fight in you.”

12. She stands up slowly revealing her full height. She is amazonian!

13. She walks up to him slowly. 

14. He throws a punch at her face but it has no effect. He throws another. Still nothing. He throws at her stomach. It just bounces off. One more at her face but she catches it in her fist. 

15. She smiles as she squeezes it. She pulls him into her arms. She doesn’t squeeze but she has him. 

16. “I’m going to enjoy you, my love”

17.  She grabs his face and pulls his cheek in close to kiss it. Then she lifts him off his feet slowly by the chin. She looks up at her prey. 

18. “You will beg to be mine, my love”

19. She tosses him like a rag doll. 

20. She stalks him until she has him pressed up against the wall with her chest. 

21. She looks down at him, “ who do you belong to, little one?”

22. He resists. She gathers him into her arms pinning his in a forward bearhug. She lifts him off his feet. 

23 “you belong to Lesley Fox, Mr. Bond.”

24. She crushes him slowly and easily. 

25. Lesley let’s him down and picks him up under the armpits. First to eye level. 

26. “Say it: ‘you’ (she kisses one cheek) ‘belong’ (kisses the other cheek) ‘to me’ (kisses  him on the forhead)”

27. She lifts him higher. “There’s no escape little one. I’ve got you”

28. She carries him back to her chair.she release him and circles him, admiring her prize. 

29. She wraps her arms around him from behind. His arms are free.  She can whisper in his ear as she squeezes him. 

30 “with james bond as my property, nothing will stop me.”

31. She releases him. He slides down her beautiful body to the floor at her feet. 

32. Lesley sits and crosses her beautiful legs. 

33. He puts his hand on her thighs to pull himself to his knees. 

34. She smiles and cross her legs trapping his hand between her thighs. He uses the other had to push off her leg but the feel of her leg simply arouses both of them. 

35 “you’re mine, Commander”

36. He nods in defeat. 

37. She releases his hand. He slumps. She crosses her legs. 

38. “Now, come to me”

39. She opens her legs and draws him in to her. Her legs squeeze shut around his waist. She takes his face in her hands

40. “Mine forever”

41. She crushes him in her grip until he is out. She releases him and crosses her legs and he drops to the floor. 

Black out

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Amazon Lesley squeezes the Little one

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