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  • Melanie kicks the guy who is guarding the case

Custom clip request 

Melanie enters the room. There is a guy who is protecting a box or a bag with secrets inside. The box is on the table

Melanie stands infront of him and puts one leg up. She tells him he shall give her the box and she will let him live

The guy laughs at her and tells her he has been hired to protect the box and she will never get it

Melanie give him some series of round high kicks and jump kicks. Than she sits on the table and put 1 foot on the box pointing her toes like a Ballerina

She tells the guy he can have the box. The guy is trying to pull Melanies foot away from the box, but has no chance

Melanie is kicking him and rubs her foot on his face while she still sits on the table. Melanie is laughing at him and tells him to try again to pull her foot away. He tries several times, but he has no chance

Melanie kicks the guy on the floor and sits next to him. She rubs her foot on his face having her toes pointed like a Ballerina

Than Melanie makes a split infront of him while he is on his knees. Than she gives him a series of many scratches to his face with the left and right hand

The guy begs her to let him go and that she can have the box

Melanie points her foot infront of his face and tells him that she will not let him go. The guy is on his knees and tries to get away. But Melanie stretches and points her foot always in front of his face and pushes him back with her foot

A few times when Melanie points his face with her foot he tries to push away Melanies leg of his way, but he has no chance to push it away 

Can there be around 10 minutes (in 3 or 4 different scenes) where Melanie is on the floor and rub her foot on his face while her knee is bended

In between that there should be a mix of: 

- kicking: on the floor, when standing, on the couch on the shoulderstand

- scratching the guys face with her hands. Can Melanie please give him several times a series of many scratches with left hand and right hand in a row many times

- making all kinds of splits (on the floor, on the table, on the couch, on her shoulder)

- Melanie sitting on the floor and block the way with her feet pointed like a ballerina when the guy is on the knees and try to escape

- scissors

Can there please be 1 scene of 5 minutes where Melanie is sitting and laying on the couch, making splits and rubbing her foot on the guys face while he is on his knees infront of her

Can Melanie please always make the kyyaa sounds when kicking or scratching him

Can Melanie please speak a lot throughout the whole film with the guy:

She tells him how weak he is. She asks him if he is scared of her. She tells him that he must kiss her foot. She tells him that he must go on his knees on all 4 and go between her legs. And any other thing she likes to tell him

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie kicks the guy who is guarding the case

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