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  • The another defeat of the reborn goddess

Custom clip request 

i would like to order a 10 Min Custom Video with Megan. This Custom is conneced with Goddess Carly was defeated, so

Megan plays the same Role: strong, conceited, can take many Hits and only show a little reaction with moaning.

I would like to see her with the same Style as "Megan punishes the Bandit" maybe with the Shoes from the Carly Video, if this is

possible. And of course it would be nice to see Kyle again.

The Video starts with her sitting on a Cheer like a Queen and he enters the Room. He asks her who she is, she answers that he

exactly know who she is. He tells her that he has no clue. Megan seems disappointment, she says that the fight between them was not that long ago, and he already has forgotten her. Now he finally realises who she is " This is impossible..."

Megan smiles, stands up and is slowly approtching him. He is still in shock "But i defeated you"

" Yes, you did the impossible, you defeated me, a Goddess" she walks arrogant around him "I know that i should be banished, but

at the very last moment, i took over a new Body. And now i am here again, to take revenge on you".

Kyle: "I've won against you once before, I can do it again"

Megan" This Time i am prepared, i trained very hard for this moment."

She now stands befor him, rises him up and is chocking him with only one Hand! Megan smiles" This Time, i will not fool around

with you" but after some while he can free himself. After this skirmish the real fight beginns.

As promised she always pushes the attack against him. She hits really hard, and she gives him no chance to recover.

He tries his best to avoid her attacks, but he is overwhelmed and get the most hits. He can give her some Hits too (Belly and Head)

but she don´t mind (but still moans). I would say he get 70% and she only 30% of the Hits. When he manages to give her some more Belly hits, she just takes them and goes surprisingly for a Counter attack against him. Megan is like a Jackhammer and shows no mercy,

she enjoyes the fight and has fun beating him up. He goes down 2 Times, and she is not waiting for him to get up, she always tries to finish him off. Once she is chocking him with her Feet, but he can free himself. The second Time you can choose something.

After her surprisingly strong start, it seems Kyle can finally find a good fighting rhythmus, over the next 5 Min he become better and better and gives Megan Body a hard treatmend. But she just takes them all. I would also like to see the Armbendings from the Carly Video during this fight. Just make a smiliar fighting style like the first Video. Nearly the end of the 5 Min he puts her against a Wall, like Carly, and is punching her Belly, he puts all his effort in this. When he finally stops he is exhausted. He is looking hat her and can´t believe what

he sees: In the first fight (Carly) the Goddess was already weak and he could finish her off. But this time she still stands strong befor him.

He goes back some steps " The last time you were already weak" Megan: "I told you i came prepared, there is nothing what

you can do against me" She attacks him and for a short time she dominats him, after this he is on the Ground, weak and desperate.

She stands with a smile on her Face and her Arms crossed. "Now you can see it, you are done, and i will have my revenge" Kyle looks beaten, there is nothing what he can do anymore. He looks desperately across the Room, and luckly: In one corner he sees a Baseballbat!

He goes quickly after is, Megan sees it to and goes after him. But he can pick it up and gives her one left swing against her Head,

she can take the first one, but he goes for a right swing against her. This time she shows more reaction, and after this he give her a

third hit and she stumbles against a Wall. Now he ramms the Top of the Baseballbat right in to her Belly. He does this 3 Times, every Time

it hurts her more, she reacts and groans more. Befor he can go for a 4 attack, she can take the Baseballpat out of his Hand,

and throw it away. Megan looks really serious now "I will not let you defeat my again!" She tries to ignore the Pain and starts attacking him

but for the last runtime she can´t hit him anymore and he keeps punching her. Her strong defence is broken now, every hit hurts her

more and more. At the end its to much for her and she falls on the knees. She is looking up to Kyle,

she can´t beleave that she has lost again! He picks up the Baseballbat " I hope really i saw you for the last Time!" He gives her

one swing against her Head, she falls over and is out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The another defeat of the reborn goddess

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  • Product Length: 11 minutes
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