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  • Melanie searching for a boss to get his money

Custom clip request 

Clothes for Melanie:

The red dress of the clip ''Melanie defends herself from the robber''.

Fishnet stockings.

Black platform high heels of the movie ''Melanie kicks the guys who dared to touch her''.

She will be the secret agent seducing and finishing 2 guards and finally the boss taking off

the briefcase with the money.

I would like to see it in the place of the clip ''Secret undercover Carly''.

1st scene Melanie gets into the building seeing and hearing her high heels. The 1st guard is there.

She laughs, asking him where is his boss. She takes a g.n and shoot him in his legs. He falls on

the ground in front of her begging. But she shoots and finish him. Then she steps over his body.

2nd scene she goes and seeing her walking up the stairs. Then comes the second guard.She kicks and

ballbusts him many times. He falls to the ground and finishes him trampling his neck. Then she steps over

his body and continue walking.

3rd scene she gets into boss office. She is polite.He does not know that she finished the 2 guards before.

She sits on the chair and does a crossleg with her legs,heels and fishnets seducing him. She tells

him that she come to take the money. Boss laughs and she starts to kick him many times. After that she brokes

his arm and finally she finishes him with a neckbreak seeing him lying on the floor and his head in front of her

heels. She takes the phone and calls to her boss telling him that mission is over. She takes the briefcase, steps

over his body with her heels and leaves the office hearing her heels.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie searching for a boss to get his money

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