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  • Dirty white pantyhose. Lesley arrests the bandit

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X is a Karate master who is appointed as a special agent. That day she was chasing after a villain down to a muddy and dirty path (somewhere like the picture. The path is a little muddy and wet which is ideal for make pantyhose dirty). She wears sexy white pantyhose. She is really happy about her outfit.

0 to 3 mins:

The villain ambushes X by suddenly grabbing X’s legs and dropping her to the ground. He brutally removed her shoe, exposing her sexy white pantyhose feet. X struggles but her shoes get removed anyway. Her pantyhose is getting muddier and dirtier. Meanwhile, the villain tries to overpower X by holding her legs and locking her on the ground. X struggles and kicks back several times yet no success. Her white pantyhose gets dirtier and dirtier on her legs and feet during the struggle. (Camera on her feet and legs).

3 to 9 mins

X finally stands up and yells at the villain “Do you want a fight? I can beat you even without shoes!” She makes splits or crosses and poses her legs and feet on the ground. Then she stands up, and makes several splits with putting down and up one leg while she is standing in front of him. The villain says: Look at your dirty white pantyhose. X is so embarrassed about her dirty legs and feet. She rushes to the villain and start Karate kicking (camera on her leg and feet moves). The villain tries to punch back by attacking X’s feet. He once holds X’s a side kick punching and tickling her dirty pantyhosed feet. However, he fails to maintain the advantage because X splits and stretches so fast. X then uses a low kick to take the villain down to the ground. She starts quickly slapping his face using her feet.

9 mins to 15 mins

(If the fight extends to the cabin next to the path, it is great. If not, continuing fight on the muddy path is fine also).

The villain hates that and wants to push her foot away but has no chance as she is much stronger. She enjoys playing with him and starts to point her foot in front of his face. She then puts her feet on the villain’s throat later uses her dirty legs to lock him to the ground (scissors like).

The villain is exhausted. X kicks him on knees to the ground. To completely defeat the villain, she rubs her dirty pantyhosed feet over his face (left and right). The villain cannot control himself and starts worshiping her dirty pantyhose. X then sits on the ground, playing the mud with her feet and plays with her feet on the villain’s head. After all, she puts the villain under arrest.

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Dirty white pantyhose. Lesley arrests the bandit

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