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  • Fight lesson. Steve vs Alex

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Steve and Alex are friends, but since Steve has joined the police, he became arrogant and often mocks Alex for being too skinny / too weak / etc. and even likes to get him in holds to show him he is stronger, and that Alex cannot contend with him.

Alex wants to show him he is not weak and wants to beat him, to teach him a lesson.

Steve is warming up for a workout. Alex enters. They greet each other and soon Steve starts to mock him for being to skinny and not having muscles. He flexes to show him how “a real man” should look.

Alex is getting annoyed and, after Steve mocks him some more, even by asking him if his dick is also skinny and small as him, Alex attacks Steve.

Steve counters easily and takes Alex’s irritation lightly. Steve keeps a friendly tone, but still mocks Alex. Alex attacks again. Steve again counters and kicks Alex, but not full force; just to show him he is better at fighting.

Alex attacks again and Steve counters and punches Alex, making him fall on his back. Steve laughing, bends over Alex and mocks him some more, still treating his irritation as a joke.

Alex doesn’t want to lose so easily, so he kicks Steve between the legs. The camera catches his reaction. Steve backs away holding his groin.

“That was a good one” Steve tells Alex, still holding his groin. Steve still considers Alex’s irritation a joke.

Alex jumps to his feet and attacks Steve. A short fight takes place. Alex manages to hit a few times Steve, but Steve controls the fight. Steve gets Alex to a wall and chokes him with his hands.

“I…can’t…breathe” Alex complains.

“I’ve told you. You are weak.” Steve mocks.

Alex struggles and, in doing so, kicks Steve between the legs. Steve grabs his manhood, bends over and backs away.

“Leave my balls alone, or I’ll really make you suffer!” Steve threatens.

“Oww, I hurt your little, tiny balls?” Alex mocks.

Alex attacks again and this time does more damage. Still, Steve quickly regains the control. Steve’s attitude changes a bit, not wanting to give Alex the chance of hitting him. At one point, Steve kicks Alex over the head, making him dizzy.

Steve starts mocking Alex and flexes his arms. Steve turns around to show Alex his muscular back. Alex comes around and seeing that Steve is turned away, he kicks him between the legs.

Camera shows this from 2 positions and the reaction.

“Fuck” yells Steve and grabs his balls and bends over.

Alex doesn’t waste time and gets Steve to straighten by pulling his hair, then kicks him again in the balls.

Steve falls to the ground, holding his groin.

“You’re dead!” Steve threatens.

Alex attacks and a fight takes place. Alex controls the fight using lowblows when Steve starts to regain control. Steve tries a few times to lowblow Alex, but Alex manages to counter or avoid his lowblows.


Finally, Alex lowblows Steve, who falls to his knees, dazed. Camera shows this.

Alex mocks a bit Steve, then chokes him with one arm from behind, until Steve is knocked out. He lets him fall to his back.

He mocks him some more and leaves.

Camera pans over Steve’s body, then fades to black.

Alternative ending (continues form *)

Finally, Alex lowblows Steve, who falls to his knees, dazed. Camera shows this.

Alex mocks Steve and he starts flexing. Steve wakes up and punches Alex in the balls. The camera shows this from 2 positions and the reaction.

Alex bends over, grabs his balls and backs away.

“It’s payback time” threatens Steve.

Steve attacks Alex and fight takes place. Steve mostly aims at lowblowing Alex. Alex puts up a fight, and even manages to lowblow Steve a couple of time, but Steve has the control of the fight most of the time.

Finally, Steve lowblows Alex twice, making him fall to the ground, on his back, knocked out.

Steve macks and taunts him, then leaves.

Camera pans over Alex’s body, then fades to black.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Fight lesson. Steve vs Alex

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