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  • Agent Naomi won't give up

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Protagonist: Naomi (N).

Villains: V1 and V2. 

Outfit: the martial arts suit in "Never Underestimate Lillian" or "You'd better not to touch Lora / Casey / Karina". 

Also, I'd prefer N with the hairstyle in "Black Canary Naomi" or "Naomi was defeated by deception".

Script: I want you to have some freedom in the dialogue and choreography. Below are some important plot points, but feel free to get creative and add or rearrange things. The time designated for each part is also not strict.

(4-6 min)

N is an agent confident in her fighting skills, especially high kicks. 

She walks into a room and encounters her enemy V1. They begin to fight. N is clearly the stronger side and hits V1 with powerful punches and kicks. V1 also lands a few kicks and belly punches on N, but she is not affected at all. After some exchanges, N becomes bored and decides to have a little fun, so she pretends that she has a weakness. 

N intentionally hits V1 with a soft kick to the face. V1 grabs N's kicking leg on his shoulder, and pushes N against the wall. V1 then captures N's hands with one of his hands, and raises N's leg slowly using his other hand. N begins to moan and pretends that she's hurt, when her legs are opened beyond 150 degrees. V1 thinks that he has found a weakness of N (her legs are not flexible enough), but in reality N does not feel any discomfort. V1 mocks N by saying "not very flexible as a secret agent, huh?" 

V1 continues to lift N's leg until she's in a full standing split (like pic1, but against the wall), and N pretends to be in more pain. After being stretched in splits for a while, N thinks that it's time to finish V1. So she stops pretending and says "thank you for helping me stretch". She easily frees her hands and punches V1 in the face. N then dominates V1 with a sequence of acrobatic moves.

(3-5 min)

V1 is defeated so he calls for help. V2 enters, but N still manages to dominate both of them with her high kicks in the first few rounds of the fight. After that, V2 grabs N from behind and pins her arm so she can't move, and V1 comes to N's front and delivers a few hard belly punches to N, but she is again unaffected. Thinking that N's crotch area might be more vulnerable, V1 then hits N with a low blow. This time N shows a little pain, but she still smiles and says "is this all you got?"  V1 then lands a few more kicks to the groin area, but N only moans very slightly and remains mostly unaffected. 

N decides to finish the fight. She kicks very high and hits V2 (behind her) in the head. V2 is stunned to the ground so N frees herself. She also kicks V1 to the ground. N then raises her leg high and holds her leg in a standing split, ready to land an axe kick to the villain on the ground. But before N lands her kick, V1 catches N off-guard and delivers a low blow to N while she is in the standing split. N covers her groin area and looks hurt. 

(7-10 min)

The villains are surprised because the previous groin blows did not hurt N, but this one clearly does. They now guess that N's weak spot is her crotch, but she is only vulnerable when her legs are stretched wide into splits. They again engage in a fight. This time the villains want to catch N's legs, so they lure her to kick high. 

After a round or two, V2 once again grabs N from behind. N tries to high kick V2 in the head just like before, but this time V2 catches N's kicking leg and locks N in a standing split (like pic2). V1 then delivers a hard low blow, which N finds painful and moans. V1 realizes that this is how N can be defeated, and he lands multiple punches and kicks to N's groin area in this pose. N is clearly hurt, but she tries not to scream and remains defiant. 

After many blows, V2 releases N from the split and she falls to the ground. N stands up and wants to continue the fight, but she is significantly weakened. Now every time when N tries to hit the villains with her signature kick, either V1 or V2 will catch her leg (because the kick is weak), make it to a full split, and then hit N in the groin while her legs are spread open. This continues for many rounds, where one of the villains repeatedly catches N's attacks (front kicks, side kicks, back / scorpion kicks, and cartwheels), stretches her legs as wide as possible, and the other delivers powerful low blows. 

(7-11 min)

N can no longer fight after many hits, and collapses to the ground. When N lies down on the floor, V1 pins one of her legs above her shoulder, and V2 holds her other leg (so that they are almost 180 degrees apart), hits even more low blows, and also presses his fist hard against N's groin area. They repeat this procedure for different stretches (both front split and side split) and attacks. N is helpless, but when the villains ask her to give up, she always responds no.

Finally, V1 grabs N from the floor and pushes her against the wall. N attempts to kick V1, but her kick is too weak. V1 lifts N's kicking leg to 120 degrees, just like the beginning of their fight. But because N has taken so many groin blows, now this normal leg stretch becomes painful. V1 laughs and says: "Not so flexible anymore? Let me help you stretch." He very slowly pushes her leg from 120 degrees to 180 degrees, and N screams in more pain as her legs are further stretched. 

After that, V2 unties N's black belt and uses it to tie one of her legs to the wall or pillar (in 180 degrees standing split). He also ties N's hands together with her lifted leg. Then V1 and V2 both deliver multiple hits (punches and kicks) to N's belly and crotch for many rounds. 

At last, V1 attacks N's crotch with a vicious knee, and presses his knee to N's groin even harder. V1 asks N to surrender for one last time, but she again refuses. Seeing that N will not give up, the villains leave the room after landing one final and most powerful low blow. The film ends with N in the room alone, still tied to the wall in standing split and moaning in pain. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Agent Naomi won't give up

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