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  • Sasha and Lillian test their new superhuman strength

Custom clip request 

The scrip would be:


Lillian and Sasha are at home waiting for a package. then it arrives. they making it open. Sasha:  i hope it's the strength serum. yess i can't wait to take it, it will give us superhuman strength. it will be our secret. not tell enyone!!  ( laughing yess )

Lillian: i always dream and fantasies about this . they drink it up, then they flex their arms ( laugh)  mmm yess it will kick in in about one hour..come we go to the gym showing off to the big guys (laughing) 

Sasha: with this outfit?

Lillian: yess it will drive the men crazy (laugh) especially when they see how strong we are.(laugh and flex again)  be sure we take the phones with us, i want to film this mmm yess (laugh) 


Rob and other guy are in the gym on the benchpress equipment Rob is on the bench other Guy behind him for help.

Rob:  i take alot of steroids for this . this is 200 kg my personal record!

other Guy: yess i know, come on you can do it...

then at that moment Sasha and Lillian enters the gym...

Rob and the other Guy are impressed by the looks of the pretty girls, to make a good impression Rob flex his arms...

Rob: take a good look , he screams this is my personal record 200 kg!!! 

i lay down on the bench and start the bench press the big barbell 

Sasha and Lillian are playing that they are impresed. woww doing  hands over the mouth. but than lauching a little bit..

Other Guy helps Rob with the barbell 

Guy: come on rob you can do it.. .and  screams to him

Rob press the barbell only one rep.. then he tryed for a new rep he failed!  

Rob:  screamed at the other guy, help me please it hurts!

Other Guy:   day dreaming and distracted by the pretty girls..

Sasha and Lillian are laughing

Sasha : look how weak he is hahahahaha

Lillian: wispers in the ear of Sasha ,  you can try now, if the strength serum works.

i will film you with the phone..

Other Guy: comes out of his daydream and tryed to help Rob, But he failed to lift the barbell  off of his chest..  i can't 

Rob: screams Help me man. please.. 

Then Sasha comes in  and lifts the other guy under te armpits in the air (feet dangling) , guy is in shock and screams ,

Sasha: are you filming this?  woww soo great look my strength. 

Lillian.. mmmm yess ofc  i see it (enjoying it) woww love it

she  puts him on the ground. than up again to show how strong she is.. than she lets him fall to the ground  than she helps rob with the barbell. she lifts the barbell with one hand off his chest. and flex it 8 reps..  the whole time Lillian is filming this with her phone..

Sasha: are you filming this?  look, the serum works, while flexing the barbell , we are super strong (laughing)  

Lillian:  yesss ofcource i'm filming this, wow look at that, 200kg!!! his personal benchpress record ! with one arm.  (laughing)  Come on sasha let me try, i can't wait to test my strength too..

Sasha puts the barbell again on rob's chest. he screams again help. ( she laughs )at that moment lillian arrives, Sasha is taking the phone and filming lillian ..  

Lillian picks the barbell one handed off rob's chest. and flex it 4 times then she puts it again on his chest (laughing)  he screams for help. then after 2 times again on his chest  Lillian enjoys it . mmmmm 

Lillian: You see Rob. you take all those steroids to make yourself bigger and stronger, and look at me, this little girl is doing one handed biceps curls with you max benchpress (laughing)  soo humiliating for you. especialy that we are filming this, ( both laughing) 

Rob is in shock and screams help me it hurts ..

Lillian: Poor little rob is in pain (laughing)  come here my weak bitch, i help you. lillian lifts the barbell off his chest one handed. 

Lillian: ok big strong Rob, you can leave the bench now. (laughing) he stands up grabbing his chest . it hurts.. 

Rob:  How the hell did you girls become that strong? is that some magic trick?

Other guy: one the ground , still hurt on the ribs from the lift before.. yeah you right rob it's a magic trick or someting?

Sasha: Lilian they think its magic.. (laugh) show them  that it's no magic. but real strength!

Lillian:  i'm enjoying this so much , magic  (laughing)   you male egos are embarrassed he ? that my little sexy femine arm is much stronger than all of you steroid pumped arms together (laugh)  look how weak you realy are.. (enjoying it soo much)

Then Lillian flexed the barbell 20 times,

Sasha:  he lillian you soo strong  loving it.  the bikini is amazing .. the film will be awesome, the are so ashamed, and much weaker than us. it's on camera. (laughing) 

Rob and Other guy are amazed, and are shocked, 

Scene 3:

Rob is standing in the gym. Sasha is filming Lillian. Lillian approach him. 

Lillian: ok Sasha lets film this. so big guy, now i want to test my strength. now Rob hit me in the stomach 10 times as hard as you can.  he did it. (he laughed thinking she will go down)  Lillian (laughes)  

Lillian: woww such weak punches. 

she then gives rob one punch, he flies again the wall with a big bang.  

Sasha: woww lillian only one punch... (laughing) with this big guy ?  soo strong .

Lillian: he looks so mean and angry but he is weak like a baby (laughing)  now eat this big guy. i wanted to try this for a long time. my fantasy comes true. zoom in sasha

Then lillian walks to Rob who is on the ground from the punch. She picks him by the neck and lifts him up by the throat. Lillian is surprised hwo easy she lifst him off the ground one handed.  (enjoys it very much)  look Sasha my weak little musclar light weight. (both laughing)  she lifts him up and down enjoying how easy it is. rob screams for help. please put me down,  (this throatlift also with full view like the other clips with feet dangling)  lillian turns her head to the camera (laughing)  he Sasha wowww soo sexy this. he is soo light, Lilian then puts him down, and then again up. 

lillian: i enjoy this to much. i can't stop. humilate him..

Sasha: I know.  I love this too. Know i want please Lillian . i know you enjoy this , But i want too .  


Shasa is lifting rob now one handed. in the air like lillian. 

Sasha: you right. soo light. mmmm love it.  

Rob: screams no not again.. please put me down. 

Lillian: Yess mmmm  love it.(laugh)   yess lift him again!  i can't wait to go to other gyms and humiliate other men (laugh) 

Sasha: yess I can't wait also .  We must order more of our secret.. (both laughing yess ) 


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Sasha and Lillian test their new superhuman strength

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