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  • Carly's mission to get the disk

Custom clip request 

Could I have another custom with Carly please. Carly vs 6 guys, 30 minutes . Carly in 2 outfits , short leather skirt , high black boots white panties and white or black top for first scene , then karate top high black boots white panties , gloves for second scene .

 Scene 1

Carly inadvertently walks into the gangs hideout while looking for a secret disc. As she walks through the door 2 gang members grab her from behind while another comes towards her , oh dear he said you appear to have walked through the wrong door! And they laugh , and now you won’t be going out through that door anymore . Carly calmly says I’m afraid it’s you guys that won’t be going anywhere any more , so just tell me where the disc is. They all laugh , Carly pulls herself off the ground supported by the 2 guys and lifts her knees and brings the stiletto of her boots down on each of the guys feet, they fold over in agony and she then karate chops them both and they fall to the ground . She then kicks the 3rd guy in  the balls he falls to his knees and she grabs him for balance as the other men run towards her she repeat kicks them until they are all in the ground . A fight then entails I’ll leave the choreography to you please include reverse boots kicks , repeat head kicks , scorpion kicks , karate chops and also some sequence around a desk where Carly uses it as a prop for fighting the men. The scene lasts about 15 mins and ends with Carly breaking their necks in various ways , the last one she asked where is the disc and he says it’s in the other gangs headquarters , but you will never get it as it’s heavily guarded. She snaps his neck.

Scene 2

Carly in Karate outfit , long boots , gloves and white panties . This time she goes to the 2nd headquarters and there are 2 guards outside the door , she quickly disposes of them and enters the room . Immediately she is attacked by the 6 guys and I’d like a very intense fight with Carly using all her skills as in previous scene . Again about 15 mins with Carly finishing them all and retrieving the disc .

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carly's mission to get the disk

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