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  • The mount punches on the bed

Custom clip request 

The script would be the following:

-Rob's outfit: No shirt, with shorts and barefoot

-Naomi's outfit: With her hair down, in her underwear, like in the video for "Naomi invulnerable" when she undresses. And barefoot. (image00)

-When the two hit each other, they have to moan (they don't have to say AAA, they have to say MMM), both the person who hits and the one who is hit.

-In mount punch scenes, the person on top has to hit like in the video "Carly vs Diana in the ring" (Look the gif "punches"). Also, the person on top has to have the posture like the photo I have attached (image01). And the person below has to have their hands on the legs of the person above like the other photo I have attached (image02).

-I would like that in the mount punch scenes, the camera perspective would appear at some point in the scene like the image I have attached (image03).

-The speed of the punches I would like it to be like the video that I have attached (speedpunches).

Rob is in bed sleeping when Naomi enters her room to rob him. Rob wakes up to see that a thief is trying to rob him. Rob warns Naomi, Naomi turns around and Rob punches her. Naomi falls onto the bed. Rob mounts on top of her and hits her face with punches for 30 seconds. Rob thinks Naomi is out and says, "This way you will learn to stop stealing." Rob gets out of bed and turns around saying, "I'm going to call the police." At that moment, Naomi gets out of bed and warns Rob, Rob turns around and Naomi punches him. Naomi says, "You're not going to call anyone." Rob is angry. Here the fight begins. 

Neither dominates and neither dodges the other's attacks, both punch each other in the face for 30 seconds until Naomi pushes Rob to the wall. When Rob is on the wall, Naomi grabs his shoulders and starts hitting his stomach with her knee for 30 seconds. Then she hits him in the face for 30 seconds with punches (first punch with the right hand, then with the left hand, and so on). When Naomi sees that Rob is tired, she pushes him to the bed. Naomi slowly mounts on top of him and starts punching him in the face for 2 minutes. Later, Rob blocks a punch and he, for 15 seconds, hits Naomi's face with Naomi on top of him. Rob pulls Naomi off of her and he mounts on top of her. He hits Naomi's face for 20 seconds. When he sees that Naomi is tired, he gets up and stands next to the bed. Rob grabs Naomi into a bear hug for 15 seconds until Naomi headbutts him. They both fall on the bed tired. Naomi tired, she slowly mounts on top of Rob. Naomi punches Rob in the face for 1 minute and then slaps him for 1 minute. When she sees that Rob is almost out, she pushes with both hands on Rob's neck for 15 seconds. Naomi gets up tired and finds what she wanted to steal but a tired Rob pushes her back to the bed. He mounts on top of her and slaps her for 10 seconds, but Naomi, looking tired, blocks an attack and now she slaps Rob in the face for 20 seconds with Rob on top of her. Naomi shakes Rob off her and slowly mounts on top of him. When she is mount on top of him, she says "Do you ever get tired?" Naomi mounting on top of Rob, she punches him in the face and in the stomach until she KOs Rob. She gets up, and leaves, leaving Rob KO on the bed.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The mount punches on the bed

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