female fighting stories

  • Melanie defends herself from the robber

Custom clip request 

Here is my ideas:


Leggings or Dress


Open toe heels (can be removed if helpful for splits)


Robbery or attack on female. She defends herself with an assortment of groin kicks/punches/grabs.

Would like to see male holding groin in reaction after groin attacks. Female will continue attack by striking face or throat to remove hands from groin/target area. Or just move them out of the way with her own hands. 

Multiple split punch attacks to groin. Would like to see some uppercut punches to groin (in splits position or not), and a two-handed volleyball style uppercut punch. 

If any head scissors during fight would like to have female continue attacks on groin with punches or grabs. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Melanie defends herself from the robber

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  • Product Length: 11 minutes
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