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  • Test the strength of my biceps

Custom clip request. 

I have something like this in mind:

You are an evil burglar. You ring at a randomly guy's door and enters immediately his room.Then you start asking for the money. He doesn't take you for real and asks who you are. You answer something like "it doesn't matter" and "Look at this", than you flex your bicep and ask him to feel it (at this point it would be great, if the camera can get a little closer to your bicep. And I love the front angle, please no back bicep. Then you say "what do you think? Not so bad, huh? So, come on, make it easy for you and give me your money."

Now he wants to throw you out, but you fight him and throw him easily to the ground. When he gets up, you put him in a rear naked c.. and tease him. You ask again for the money and he agrees. When you release him he tries to run away but you immediately catch him and put him again in a rear naked c.... You ask again for the money and he promises to give it to you this time. He says, that he's sorry that he didn't take you serious. You say something like "I don't fall for that again" and break his neck while holding him in the RNC. Then you get his money out of his pocket and jump happily away. It would be great if you could flex again in the end and say "told you, not so bad!". It would also be nice if you could act childish and playfully.

Maybe you can challange him in the end to an arwmrestling match. You could promise to let him go if he beats you. Of course he has no chance and after that you finish him.  You are toying with him.

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Test the strength of my biceps

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