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  • Naomi takes down Boss and his Gang

Title: Naomi takes down Boss and his Gang.

Plot – The Police authorities learn about Naomi’s super strength from last video (Naomi shows her absolute supremacy to 10 guys) and want to recruit her to go undercover to bust up a Boss and his gang of criminals who use a Sport Gym as a front for their criminal activities. Naomi is to pose as an escort for the Boss and once in his confidence take him and his gang down by using her super strength and athletic skills to toy and play with his gang in boxing, wrestling, weightlifting, gymnastics etc. 

The video should be 30mins in length, with actress - Naomi dressed (sexy leather mini-skirt (zip-up front), white top, with white panties, long leg black boots as she wore in “The recruitment of Naomi secret agent”) the same 10 actors (if possible) from “Naomi shows her absolute supremacy to 10 guys” with 1 man as the Boss (casual suit) and 9 men dressed for being in a sport’s gym.

Props: boxing ring, big weight

Scene 1 

Naomi enters the Sports Gym with the Boss, arm and arm, with the Boss bragging about his money, power and gym, with all the men who he describes as his bodyguards and are all champions in boxing, wrestling, weightlifting. 

There are 2 men in the boxing ring, sparring with each other, other 3 men are wrestling and 4 men weightlifting around the gym. The Boss tells Naomi the men in the ring are champion boxers in training for a big championship. Naomi asks if she can spar with them, as she has been “practising her “girlie” boxing”, the Boss and men laugh at this slim, cute, weak, girl who they believe should not be getting in a boxing ring with big powerful boxers. 

Naomi goes into the boxing ring and walks up to the 1 of the boxers (Rob), raise her arm and flicks her little finger onto his forehead, the sheer strength of this sends the boxer straight into the ropes of the ring and bounces back so she repeatedly does the same and he goes backwards and forwards like his is a yoyo. She then at the same time starts speed bagging the other boxer in the face with her other hand. After several mins of this both boxers are dizzy and dazed from being punched, they fall to their knees in front of Naomi, she then raises her leg and kicks both men in the face from side to side backwards and forwards, while explaining to the Boss and the rest of men she is here to take them out and stop their criminal activities. All the while Naomi is laughing and taunting the men at how easy she can beat them. 

The Boss and rest of the men in the gym can’t believe their eyes and say to each other “what is going on” “who is this girl” “how can she beat our champion boxers” 

Naomi then taunts the Boss in send in more of his champions in other sports into the boxing ring, so he orders his 3 champion wrestlers to get into the boxing ring and stop her, Naomi turns around and back-kicks the 2 boxers in the face and the going flying in a corner of the ring. She turns to face the 3 wrestlers, 2 of the wrestlers grab her by her arms either side of her and the 3rd tries to bearhug her. She just laughs at the man’s pitiful efforts to bearhug her, she then simply lifts the 2 men holding her the arms off the ground (we see their feet dangling) with her strength and throws them away. The 3rd man trying to bearhug her, she puts 1 arm around him a gently squeezes him, he is totally out of breath by Naomi’s strength, he drops to his knees. Naomi picks him up by putting her little finger under his chin and carries him (we see his feet dangling) over to the other 2 men she threw away earlier, she put the 1st wrestler down and grabs the other 2 wrestlers with either hand and pulls the 3 men together and squeezes them together with her 2 fingers (we hear bones crushing) as she uses her incredible strength to send them to the floor. Naomi just laughs and tells the men “she loves them so much she has a crush on them” as a joke. 

Scene 2 

Naomi comes out the boxing ring having beaten up the 2 boxers and crushed the 3 wrestlers with ease. The Boss now looking very worried and scared of Naomi’s sheer strength, shouts to his strongest men to stop her. The 4 weightlifters are lifting weights but there are 2 of the biggest weights they cannot lift just sitting on the floor. Naomi then shows off her gymnastics skills and cartwheels over to the 4 weightlifters. She kicks all 4 men in the face with her legs as she does the cartwheel spreading them all over the gym. The men recover and attempt to rush her, she then simply grabs 2 of the biggest weights (which the men could not lift) with either hand and throws 1 weight each at 2 weightlifters, who cannot hold the weights and fall-down with the weights on top of them. The 4 weightlifters are pinned to the floor of the gym. Naomi just laughs at how weak the big weightlifters are because they cannot get up from the weights, she threw at them.  [This act of sheer strength completely scares the men and their Boss}

Scene 3 

The boxers, wrestlers get up & go over and they lift the big weights of the 4 weightlifters as their Boss is shouting at them to get up and stop this “girl”. They come over to try and stop Naomi, realising how strong she is, all the men form up into a ruby-scrum (push ruby) and advance forward to try and defeat Naomi with their combined weight and strength, she just laughs at the 9 men’s attempt to move her, she then put up her little finger onto the led man’s head and stops all the men from moving any further, they all strain and moan at trying to move Naomi, but it is futile, she then simply holding all these men back with her little finger, just yawns and looks at her nails on her hand, then just pushes them all backwards onto the floor with her credible strength. She jokes “you guys are a pushover” She just decides to play with the men, the 2 boxers start to punch her in the stomach, face but she does not feel it, bored with their feeble attempts to hurt her, she bangs both men on the head with her fists, they drop to the ground knocked out. She starts speed bagging all 3 wrestlers on the face bringing them to dizzy, then just flicks them all on the forehead with her little finger they land on top of the 2 boxers. Naomi decides to use her (Sfx) super breath on 1 man she just grabs him and gently blows him away the strength of her breath sends him flying and he lands on top of the other men. Another man is grabbed by Naomi she puts her finger on top of his head to stop him and slaps him so fast with her other hand, he starts to (Sfx) spin faster and faster and spin away like a spin-top until he lands on top of the rest of the men. Naomi laughs seeing a man spin away like a toy (spinning top)

The last 2 men, Naomi grabs 1 man and decides to throw him up through the roof just a emphasize her strength (Sfx: we see the man fly up through the roof) she then puts her little finger on top of the last man’s head and push him down to the floor with her strength then places him between her legs crushing him (we hear bones crushing) after he is out she back-kicks him away he rolls over to the rest of the men, the Boss tries to run away from Naomi, but she grabs the back of his trousers holds him, with her little finger, he is just running on the spot, he cannot get away, finally Naomi show off her total dominance of the Boss and his gang (Sfx) she lifts the Boss above her head with 1 hand and walks over the rest pile of men and puts her foot on top of them in triumph, until the Police authorities come.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi takes down Boss and his Gang

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