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  • Ivy and Carly punish the bandit

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The begining of the scenes is both you and the other girl will be down stairs getting ready to go out for a night out in the city  and you are both in just your Bra and underwear and then you start to get dressed first you both put on your skirts on followed by the rest of the outfit heels/boots go on last !

When you put the shoes on you both need to be sitting down on chair or sofa, the second your boots or heels are on the man burst through the door with  shooter and they both kick them out of their hands and and take them to the  ground with the handstand with punches following by mounted punches whilst your are mounted punching them you are tanuting them and telling them how weak they are and how humiliating it is to be beaten up by girls and they are perverts for looking up your skirts.

The men's faces are bruised. After that they fight back the fight is now even and blows are exchanged plenty of punched kicks dodge from both the men and the girls and then the men get the upper hand the girls try to fight back but struggle and then the girls both run up the stairs to escape.

The men grab them by the feet and the girls kick them away, followed by a small fight on the stairs  the girls are winning again and the men try to fight back but are defeated by the girls after the fight by putting them in scissor hold whilst  punching their face.

The girl then gets a phone call by her Sargent to ask her to come to the camp. The girl will tell Lesley to leave Lesley had no idea that her friend was a soilder and she says to Lesley don't worry I will protect you I'm Special Powers I've had worse enemies than these these guys are just a bunch of pussy and if they stood no chance of beating a sexy girl like you dressed in a sexy white denim skirt, then they stood no chance of beating me who is trained to finish men like them. Lesley hugs her friend and thanks her then leaves the house.

The girl runs up stairs into one of the rooms and undresses herself. The girl changes in to a  military outfit which is  Camouflage mini skirt and  olive green tank top with fishnets and boots

She goes back down the stairs and the men are waiting for her at the bottom.

The men look at her outfit and ask who she is she respond with you fucked with the wrong soilder.

She then beats them up plenty of punch kicks to the face and body the men try to fight back she will finish them of with mounted punches and headscissor neck break.

Throughout the entirebclip

If you can also make sure when the punches to the face take place the sound effect sounds like a real punch, I attached a sample clip of what I mean, I want the punches to be aggressive and past faced 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy and Carly punish the bandit

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