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  • Vivien punishes the bandit

Custom clip request 

The outfit actress: Vivians black short dress, no pantyhose,shiny legs and high heels open toe platforms. Nails done in any color.

Outfit male: Sven sweat pants with padding in the groin area. T- shirt and sweatpants.

Location: Large room with a chair.

In this video Vivian punishes the bandit who made a big mistake. He is laying on the floor at the beginning of the video spread eagle. She is sitting in a chair with her legs crossed. For a minute. Her legs are visible in the foreground with a man in the background. She Switch legs after a while. Rub legs with hands or rubs legs together. He lies on the floor and she walks around his body sadistically and slowly very close to his groin but not on his groin(about a minute). She lifts her leg and stomps and kicks his stomach, ribs and head. She ordered him to get up. For about a minute she knees him in the ribs, does head kicks and punches him. Before the minute ends he knees him very hard and fast in the balls. He grabs his seft and falls on his back spread eagle. She taunts him in english you could add what you like for her taunts. She picks him up and puts his body to the wall and knees his ribs and punches his face/body for less than a minute. The end of this minute she kicks him hard in the balls leaving her foot between his legs(about 5 seconds). He slides down the wall with his legs open. For less than a minute she kicks his face and body no ball busting while he's near the wall. At the end of this minute she swings his body to the floor with a judo move. He fell and spread his legs. She stomps his balls with crushing sound effects he doesn't move for less than a minute. She leaves her high heels in a victory pose on his groin (close ups from the side, and back of her foot in high heel platforms also make this part the longest if you need to charge me more if it's longer than ten minutes it's ok) 

Finally and quickly walks to his upper body and she finishes snapping his neck while he is on the ground with her shoe and walks away with a sexy strut. 

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Vivien punishes the bandit

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